Newbie looking for advice

Hi, I'm interested to pick up fishing. Could someone point me to a decent newbie friendly shop to get some basic setups and advise on what to do and all. What else do I need to be looking for? Thank you
  • PatrickStar
    Joe Tackle is quite newbie friendly.

    Depends on what type of fishing you plan to do really.
  • SportAngler
    Before you start buying, start thinking where will you likly to fish.
    From the beach, jetty, reservoirs?
    This will than bring you to the right tackle to buy
  • Freakinfart
    edited May 2018
    Like what SportAngler mentioned.

    You need to know what type of fishing  you're interested in?

    Freshwater fishing?
    Saltwater fishing?
    Pond fishing?
    Luring using artifical bait in reservior?

    I always recommend people to start off with:

    Reel: Shimano Nasci 2500 - $100
    Rod: Eupro Salty Fighter - $59/65
    Line: Powerpro x4 15lb 150 yards - $20+
    Leader: 30lb Flourocarbon 100% any brand will do just avoid bossna - $15/20+

    The above setup i mentioned can literally cover all sorts of fishing in Singapore except heavy saltwater jigging.

    Tackleshop wise for newbie to not kena chope badly:

    North Side - Sincere Tackle (highly recommend for newbie to start + their stuff cheap and Salty Fighter only there have at the moment)
    South Side - i wont recommend any..
    East Side - Changi Pro (if you handsome you can speak to Gina and wink at her sure discount many many)
    Central - Joe Tackle (this one dont go in straight buy! rmb to keep ask for discount ) or 2000 Tackle (look for Amy)
  • slashiroth
    Ah icic. Thanks to the both of you for the reply. Im looking to fishing at jetty and luring at reservoir. 
    Thanks for the recommendation on places to head to. 
  • SportAngler
    For your need, loo at Freakinfart recommendation. It should cover your need.
  • slashiroth
    I would. Very much appreciated from those whom replied!
  • tomcat1

    Hi, Since you are New to fishing. What is your Budget you going to spend for the set? Then can narrow down what to looking for. This is same advice that I given to my friend who pick up fishing.

    Good Luck

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