Looking for kakis to Palu (Sulawesi), Indonesia 25th to 29th Oct

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we are looking for another 4 or 6 kakis to join us. We be doing mainly jigging,popping and heavy bottom. If you have always wanted to land that mama doggie or fat angry looking GT, here is your chance. You can check out the many youtube videos available for Palu fishing https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=palu+fishing&rlz=1C1CHBF_enSG795SG795&tbm=vid&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiw6fOPpY7bAhVKfH0KHXkKC4IQ_AUIDCgD&biw=1920&bih=988&dpr=1

Details and Itinery

Location: Palu (Sulawesi), Indonesia
Boat used: Berdikari 2 (only 1 fishing charter boat available in that remote area)
Fishing location: drop off 1.5hrs to 3hrs away from boarding and an island 5hrs away
Depth (estimated): 70m to 130m
Jig weights to use: 100g to 150g (you wont get snag there except many burst or spooled)
Poppers: 80g to 120g
Fish targetting (pretty specific as there are only few types there): Dogtooth tuna (10kg to 100kg), GT (5kg - 65kg), Flametail snapper (1kg - 20kg), Rainbow runners (2kg to 5kg), Yellow fin tuna (5kg to 40kg), Skipjacks (1kg to 2kg)

This is my first time organizing such trip as my Indonesia counterpart is not healthy to assist me with such. Me and a friend have been there in 2016 and the trip results as shown in pics. Fishing is very addictive there. Recently Pony Liu (Jigging Master) and HeartyRise crew have been up there testing their new range of rods and reel.

This is a 4d3n fishing trip. We will need to take a flight from Singapore to Jakarta and transit to Palu. We will be using Garuda airlines as it allows some or few of us to bring some catch home (excess baggage to settle on your own). We will depart Singapore on the 25th Oct afternoon flight to Jakarta and transit into domestic flight to Palu (estimate early morning 26th Oct). Upon reaching Palu, boat crew will assist us to load up to pickup and we onboard land transport towards the pier, journey will go through the remote lands of palu with few stopovers for meals (breakfast/lunch). The land journey is 3hrs. We target to reach pier by 2pm 26th Oct. Fishing starts with popping and light jigging. After dinner that will be the time where bigger fish starts to take your jig. Fishing goes on for another 4 days. Target to reach land on 29th Oct and head straight back to palu airport and catch the plane back to SG - ETA 30th early morning.

Fishing cost per person: 7.4m Rupiah or about 700SGD - 720SGD (depending on currency exchange)
What does this include??
Includes Land transport (to and fro airport). On land baggage handling crew. Simple meals on the way to boat 26th Oct and to palu airport 29th Oct. 3 simple meals onboard the boat for 4 days 26th (dinner), 27th (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), 28th (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and 29th Oct (breakfast). Soft drinks and hot beverage such as coffee and tea. Boat chartering for 4 days.

Fishing gear: Bring at least 2 sets per pax. Pe4 to 6 rod. PE 5 to 6 lines, 5000 - 6000 (Daiwa saltiga size reel), Any overhead which can load 300m of lines with 10kg drag. 

Boat is equipped with 2 aircon compressor which powers 2 large sleeping room. Boat sleeps 10 comfortably and 14 max. Boat has a popping deck. Toilet and shower facility. VHF Radio/GPS/Sounder/Radar.

Air fare: Have to check Garuda website constantly. Estimate 600SGD to 800SGD per ticket.

Payment: I will need to start collecting deposits which then be TT to boat owner 14th Aug 18 and final collection of remaining to be TT across 1st Oct 18. We need to purchase our own air tickets online with the same flight details (i will provide when we are going to book).

SMS/Whatsapp me at 94666464 if you are interested. 

I am planning to depart from Singapore. If you are coming outside singapore, please arrange your flight to reach singapore prior to trip.

  • chelsea
    its a beautiful place and om papi and om mohd taufik is very helpful but you must speak there linggo
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Didn't know Dogtooth were nice to eat. (Not a loaded comment).
  • Melvin Lee
    Didn't know Dogtooth were nice to eat. (Not a loaded comment).
    ​Nah. It isnt nice to me neither. The indons made it into meat floss. Does taste slightly better.
  • Melvin Lee
    chelsea said:
    its a beautiful place and om papi and om mohd taufik is very helpful but you must speak there linggo
    ​Yea totally agreed. 
  • Shlee
    I’m very tempted 
    My Hp 97676736 Lee
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    Beers on me for the trip. Upz!

    So far we have 5 now. Looking for 3 to 4 more. We all would like to stick to 8 for more space. 

    Price per pax for 8 is 750SGD (Max) and 10 pax each is between 700 to 720 SGD. For those taking AL whom working 5 days week, you only need apply 3 days based on Thurday night flight (Friday, Monday and Tuesday).

    Some of us within group wants to board budget airline which is Lionair. I am open to either lionair or garuda. If more than half of the group wants to go budget, we will go budget as a group. There will not be split as to reduce boat boarding hassles.

    Lion air would cost between 500SGD to 650SGD (10KG free and extra to be charge depending on your excess baggage weight) - No fish or fish boxes allowed

    Garuda would cost 600SGD to 850SGD (check in per pax 20KG)  - You can bring fish box however fish brought back have to be deep freeze

    Boat has a fairly big deep freezer fyi.

    What jig works best there? Based on my 1 time experience and indon friends discussion. 80g to 120g full lumo speed jigs works best for doggies ranging 15kg to 25kg, we have tried slow fall but only have few doggy take majority are from the GTs and rainbow runners. For big dogs, you will need a pe 8 rod with a reel with at least 400m of line and have a drag with min 15kg. These dogs are always hiding near the bottom of the first drop off. A good 150g speed jig which simply dangles the bottom does the trick. Yellow fins and albacores are mostly found during day break. You can cast your poppers or light 40g jigs at the frenzy. So far biggest landed was abt 15kg to 20kg. Popping for GTs if you have any strength available starts between 10am til 1pm and 3pm til 5pm when the sun is brightest. Favorite colors used there are purple and orange. 

    Come join us. We welcome newbies. The place is almost flat most of the time at most a swell of not higher than 1m. We are also very near from shore (max 3hrs), in event you miss land. We can always swing back for a short land break. We also have a very experience deck hand which helps us with hooks tying, line joining, fish gaffing, etc. Leave your bobbing at home. :smiley: 
  • Melvin Lee

    We have 6 now, looking for 2 or 3 more. 
  • Melvin Lee

    We have 7 now, looking for last 1 or 2 more. 
  • Melvin Lee
    We have 8 now. If you are keen do join us. We have room for 10 pax. Date is confirmed as boat has been booked. :smiley: 
  • Melvin Lee

    thanks for reading this post. As of now we have 10 pax. If you are interested, please sms or whatsapp me. I can put you in the waiting list if anyone pulls out. 

  • Melvin Lee
    Update - Total pax now 9, room for 1 more due to a sudden pull out as he is unable to get AL.
  • Melvin Lee
    Update - Currently full again.
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