Rompin Tioman Trip 4-6 June....

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Got 2 slots for Rompin Trip in June. 

Boatman Jacky...Nice, friendly and Hardworking.
4th - SG-Rompin(No fishing just slow drive up and one night stay )
5th - Fishing Rompin 
6th - Fishing Rompin whole day, Come back, shower go home!!!

Will be Targetting Tengiris, Sotongs, and edible fishes.  Sailfish will usually be a by catch.
Casting, Jigging, Sabkiki, maybe baiting (only as a last resort)
Suitable for newbies who want to try out Rompin as tackle will be provided. Just need to bring your body and change of clothes ( Showering is mandatory every morning before fishing and evening after fishing).
Max of 5 Pax only so not too crowded.

SGD$450 Per/Pax Incl, Transport, Homestay (Airbnb style not the hostel bunkroom "Chalets"), Fishing, Simple Meals (No Lavish Michelin Restaurants)

PM or email
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