May 20(changed from19) , Anyone interested to fish in Changi ?

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Hi trying to gather another 2 more Anglers to
fish in Changi on May 20(19 ). Currently there are
3 anglers who indicated their interest .
Have not make any reservation with boat yet,
will do so once I have total of 5. 
Will be cost sharing basis ( estimated to be 
between 100-110 per person , price could be 
lower if we take 6 , but wants to have a
more comfortable fishing space ).
  • charlie_brown
    You can check with boat captain Jeffery.
  • zhuhaibaker
    Thanks , I have already two charter in mind ,
    as basically targeting Ang cho , will only
    firm up with the charter when i get enough people.

  • zhuhaibaker
    two more slots available . May 19 tide should be 
    good for fishing .
  • xChubby
    Hi, the 2 slots still available?
  • zhuhaibaker
    check your inbox 
    Thanks for respond 
  • zhuhaibaker
    dates are changed to May 20 because May 19 is not available , currently have "booked" three slots ,
    Balance left 2-3 slots , If keen pm me your contact
    numbers and i get the captain to call you.
    ( it might be cheaper to charter the whole boat , 
    cost shared with 6 anglers but abit troublesome , so
    i went and make reservation for three of us , balance 
    Captain will find ).
  • chua_jacky
    I'm keen to join...  Total required slot 2 for me. 
    Please contact me at 90111590 Jacky
  • zhuhaibaker
    Ok I pass your contact to the boat Captain he will contact 
    you . Thanks for response .
  • zhuhaibaker
    All slots taken .
    Thanks to those that responded .

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