How to Get All Locker Codes

Very similar to previous games in the series, NBA 2K18 provides rewards that can be obtained by playing normally, purchasing microtransactions, and inputting a free code. Locker Codes is part of this latter, which may come in the form of a one-time use code or of limited quantity.

Locker Codes can only be obtained outside the game. In a sense, Sports encourages players to trace their Twitter accounts to obtain Locker Codes. The codes are often given away on the official NBA 2K18 Twitter, 2K Sports digital advertising director Ronnie Singh's Twitter, and the official NBA 2K18 MyTeam Twitter. Be certain to check for new Locker Codes weekly since they expire after a certain time.

At the moment, you can get Locker Codes from the two cross-promotions of NBA 2K18. To get this benefit, purchase two Kickstart cans of Mountain Dew at Walmart and also email a photo of the reception with your email address written on it. Meanwhile, 2K18-marked Reese's Puffs products at the US come with a Locker Code that grants you 2,500 VC along with a MyTeam card.

Locker Codes are helpful for individuals interested in the MyTeam mode. This past year, bulk of those Locker Codes for NBA 2K17 were MyTeam free agent cards. While free agent cards can only be used a limited number of times at MyTeam, these ballers generally carry a higher overall rating.When you consider the best passers in the NBA, titles like Lebron James and Chris Paul come to mind. Finding the right man at the ideal time may result in easy buckets, and that's not any different at NBA 2K18. Here is how to step your game up and take full advantage of all of the advances passes available in the game.

To carry out a typical pass in NBA 2K18, just push the left stick in the direction of the player you would like to pass the ball to and press X A. This performs a standard chest pass from one player to another. For a bounce pass, push the left stick in the direction of the receiver and press Circle/ B. To get an overhead move, push the left stick in the direction you want to pass it and tap Triangle/ Y. Players can try an alley-oop by simply double tapping Triangle/ Y.

If you would like to take your departure game to another level in NBA 2K18, hold down Triangle/ Y to lead an off-ball participant towards the basket and launch it when you are ready to pass. To finish a flashy pass, then simply double tap Circle/ B whilst holding the left stick in the path of the receiver. Release the button to get a return.

Another commonly used strategy to create movement is your dribble handoff. This is the point where an off-ball offensive player runs behind the ball-handler and is handed the ball. To execute this movement, hold down Circle/ B and then wait for the off-ball participant to run behind the ball-handler. Release the button to carry out the hand-off.

While standing or driving to the basket, then you can carry out a bogus pass or jump pass. To get a fake pass, press Triangle + Circle/ Y+B. A hop pass is executed by pressing Square + X/ X + A.

At the conclusion of a game when trying to reserve time in NBA 2K18, it may be best to roll the inbound pass in rather than pass it. To do so, rather than pressing X/A to inbound the ball, press Triangle/ Y.

Hit the courtroom and practice these motions to create much better ball movement and much more open shots.

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