Kuching Trip (10-15 Aug 2018)

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Update: 4 slots to go

Looking for additional easy-going anglers to join a bunch of regular anglers whom have been fishing together for a number of years....

Boat/Charter: LE Angler
Travel Dates: 10-15 Aug 2018 (6D5N)
Fishing Dates: 11-14 Aug 2018 (4D3N)
Price: $650 per angler + purchase your own MAS ticket
Deposit: $100 per angler
Available: 4 slots (slot to be confirmed only with deposit)

- Depart on 10 Aug 2018 for 1 day R&R prior to boarding of boat on 11 Aug 2018 (R&R not compulsory)
- Hotel stay on 10 Aug 2018 on personal account
- Anglers who opt out of 10 Aug 2018 R&R can book air tickets for 11-15 Aug 2018 only
- Arrive back on land on 14 Aug 2018 morning
- One night stay in hotel on 14 Aug 2018 included in charter rate
- One box of fish (max 30kg) included in charter rate (

IMPORTANT: No selection of preferred catch (Example: I only want tengirri or I only want groupers) Total catch is evenly distributed to all pax and box assignment by numerical lucky draw.

PM if keen...

Pictures from last year June's trip... Spacious berths and lots of space around the boat to fish

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