Dolphin bedok jetty

edited April 8 in General Fishing
Incase some people thought that it was bleeding it wasnt as stated in the news in the internet reported by a bunch of non anglers, It was a bunch of seaweed wrap around the tail of the dolphin. Perhaps a line or maybe rubbish that was down under for quite awhile till it wrap around the tail. The angler which caught it by accident has no intention of harming it just that perhaps the thought of reeling it in freeing it properly was at mind. But it was just too heavy. Maybe to those who see anglers as a negative picture in the public thinks otherwise. I was there the second time it hit another anglers but caught by accident and again the line snap. I mean which angler in the right mind would wanna have dolphins for dinner right? All we trying to do is to help and realease it properly. Just annoyed with this kind of publicity that protaits anglers like murderers where as we are actually passion and some even seeking a loft of bread for the family but not to extend of injuring a rare species of animal. On a side note we atleast know that singapore water is still on a healthy side of the nature since a dolphin actually found in our water. May god ease the suffering of this kind beautiful animal and may people stop seize this negative vibe to the anglers of SG. 
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