Major Craft Dangan PE braid


Was bored during break and browsed through the internet and this caught my attention

 Comes in 4x and 8x tried to find some information or reviews but couldnt find much. Just wondering if anyone used it before and how was it
  • bear
    used it for a month already.. so far so good ...thin and strong..smooth casting
  • bobba
    Hi bear,where do u bought it & price?this line is for jigging or casting?thanks
  • bear
    gotten in at  7seas bkk ,, pe3 300m for around 50 bucks. i feel its more for casting. but i use it for both.. so far so good haha..
  • bobba
    Ok thanks for the reply and info.
  • puikia1521
    This line can be available in LH  and Changi 
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