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Normal weekend out for some tamban then off for some UL jigging and luring with bro. 

Rod : MC Firstcast
Reel : Nasci
Jig : $3 jig bought at bedok fishing shop
Size 8 slipper as a scale

  • Luke Maow Bear
    Big flattie.
  • hussainsyed
    Its not a flattie... actually its a crocodile fish.
  • deedee
    edited March 17

    Yet another short session with wife and bro at ECP. Looks like a tarpon or something, can someone name me the fish.
    Rod : Pioneer evo 2
    Reel : Nasci 2000

    And apologies as it wasnt a catch and release. Just to clear things if its saveable or releaseable i will do a cr if not either my wife or my grandparents tummy. 

  • Rockmastez
    Its Tarpon!
  • deedee
    Its Tarpon!
    ​ouh ic. Didnt know Local waters have these actually. Hahaha. Thank you boss :smile: 
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