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I will stay in Singapore for a few days at the end of May and begin June. On one of these days I would like to go fly fishing at sea. The goal is to make a short film for Hardy. Now I can not find much information about that. I would like to hear from you to whom I can focus for more information. In the Netherlands it is fairly unknown that you can go fly fishing in Singapore. I want to put this on the map in the Netherlands. The goal is fly fishing on Barracuda, and other fish from the beaches. I need help for this. I would like to receive the necessary information.

Kind regards, Leon Godijk
FFI certifed casting instructor and Hardy Pro Team
  • Michael Lim
    There are a couple of water breakers which might be suitable for this.  But I'm not exactly an expert on this species as well as this genre.
    Do note that wind conditions might be tough occasionally and casting at the shorelines is not an easy task.

    You can contact our local fly shop guys from Coho fishing tackle for more information :

    Tel : (+65)6443 2520
    Fax : (+65)6443 2521

    or thru here :


  • LG1960
    I did send Coho a email twice. Didn't get any answer.

  • Michael Lim
    Sorry, I think the boss had missed out on the email bit.  They will be contacting you thru the forum soon.

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