2018 Miri International deep sea competition onboard boat " Loknya"

Looking for 1 more pax to complete the headcount.

Whatapp to 81009507.

Dates: 9 May 2018 to 14 May 2018

Total cost per angler: SGD 1300 not including competition fees at 500rm


1) 115 x 24 footer vessel with basic amenities 
: Ice cubes 10 box mineral water, 15 carton of soft drinks ,100 Kg of Baits 4 meals /day, 4 deckie onboard 

2) Apartment stay for 15 person for two night 9/05/2018 & 13/05/2018 (breakfast included for both morning) 

3) Flight tickets only for 15 person- 2 ways included with checked in luggage 

Additional Cost not included:

1. Personal expenses / entertainment 
2. Styrofoam boxes for shipping of fish back to Singapore
3. Freezing of fish
4. Sinker (lost and damage of sinker liable at (RM 25)
5. Tipping of boatmen and deckies (to be discuss)
6. Freight charges if you wan to shipped back the fish to singapore.

Fishing depth: 150m to 300m
Targeted Species: Yellow Fin Tuna, Dog Tooth, Red Ruby, Amberjack, Gao Tun, Grouper
Facilities onboard: Sleeping beds X 22 , TOILET X2 , Cooking area, Cold storage,

Tackle setup:

Morning Jigging: Line poundage: 60lbs-80lbs
Rod Class: PE4-6 and above
Jig weight: 250g, 300g, and 400g
Color: Pink, Yellow, Sky Blue, Orange, Green, Chrome (light color)
Assist Hook Size: 8/0, 7/0 (Gamakatsu)
Shock Leader: 40lbs-80lbs, 100lbs, 120lbs
Sabiki Jigs : size 7 or 8

Night Jigging: Same as morning 
Lighter setup can be used too e.g. Pe1-3 to Pe2-4
Jig Weight: 50g, 60g, 100g
Color: Luminous, and individual

Bottom setup: Same as morning and night
Rod class: rod can hold a 1kg sinker for bottom
Sinker: 1kg
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    Looking for 2 more pax..

    Most luxurious vessel currently in miri.. boat loknya
  • Melvin Lee
    edited March 2018

    Very interesting boat to be on. The most comfortable boat in Eastern Malaysia for scuba diving and fishing. Too bad i am over committed throughout this year for fishing. I would join in otherwise! Good luck to the contestants and may you scope top prize. 

    For those participating, do try getting some heavy slow fall jigs (500g to 800g) which is green or orange colours. Try jigging in the morning during sun rise and day break. You might land yourselves a good prized winner amberjack. If you want to try getting big grouper, first aim for live bait fish (anything between 600g to 1kg snapper will be a good bait). Good timing for these is between 2pm to 5pm when there are great deal of heat and UV rays reflecting those flat water surface. You will need a good set up such as miya x9 (z9 currently) pair with a long 8 feet 50 - 100lb electric reel rod (do get your own rod clam as the rod clam on the boat is not strong enough to support such heavy tackles).
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    Looking for 1 more pax to replace a angler
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    Looking for 1 more angler
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