Road Collapse along highway to Mersing & Rompin

As shared by a friend of mine, some road has collapsed along the highway to Mersing/Rompin region. For those who have upcoming trips to these areas in the coming open season, you might wanna double check on the route up first before heading over. Looking at the damage, might take quite a while for repair works to be done. 

    Thank you very much for sharing this.
  • Alan
    Hi, anyone has update on the situation? May be going Mrssing end January 
  • ayeo42300
    Dear All Fishos, heading up to mersing, appreciatrs any update on this road collapse update???
    Has this portion of road been repaired, TQ!.
  • bond
    edited March 2018
    Just went in on last Sun afternoon.....all are good to go. o
  • ayeo42300
    Thank you for update. any pics of repaired road for fellow fishos? TQ
  • bond
    No photo....but i saw the place repair till very nice.
    Already many kakis went up rompin last weekend. <3

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