Halfbeak season now!

Des T
Peak season for Halfbeak is on now !
Don't wait.
 Caught these at Labrador Park within 1 hr, using a single hook.

Des T

  • JWfishing
    What bait and rig did you use?
  • Des T
    Go see my previous posts on Halfbeaks.
    The rig has not changed.
    Just a float, 1m long leader, 1 single tamban hook.
    Bait is either a pinch of bread squeezed onto hook,
    or halfbeak meat itself. The first fish you catch, gut and fillet, then slice that fillet across, into fine strips around 2cm long. Hook strip at one end, leave other end dangling.
    When Halfbeaks eat it, they will gulp down whole strip of meat (including hook at the end of strip).

    Easy lah.

    If you use more than 6 lb mainline, your gear is too heavy leow. 
    Get an ultralight setup.
    Best time to introduce newbies or young children to fishing.

    Hurry. Before the Halfbeak season is gone.

    Des T

  • JWfishing
    Thanks, will be trying it this weekend
  • LewisGen
    Those are some good size Halfbeaks, Des T. Is that a typical amount you can get in an hour or were you lucky?

  • Des T
    During Halfbeak season, this is a typical catch rate.
    Today I helped out a group of 7 newbies, fathers and children, at Labrador.
    Inspite of many many cross lines, sangkok, birdnests, we still managed to land 17 in 2 hrs.

    Des T

    Tmr I will be meeting a fisho there who has just gotten himself an ultralight setup.
  • Des T

    Today's catch in 2hrs.
    Next 2 days, I will be bringing some fishos there, let them try out easy fishing.
    Des T
  • zhuhaibaker
    Hi Des, what time will you be there , thinking of dropping by to have a look if I have time ?
  • Des T
    Follow the tide.
    2 hrs before peak is best time to start.
  • zhuhaibaker
    Thanks Des for reply 
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