Desaru Fishing Charters

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any bros got recommended fishing charter in Desaru?

looking forward to some good recommendation..

thank you.
  • Melvin Lee
    Not many left there nowadays due to reclamation. You can still contact ah long

    Try not to go out now unless you are into surfboarding.

    For better eating fish, try going Aur instead.
  • goldenears68
    Thank you for your advice bro. I was recommended to contact Ryan for Desaru fishing. Have you tried?
  • Melvin Lee
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    Nowadays all desaru fibre boats plays TU Lighthouse only. Why? Not so far, wont take much petrol yet provides endless fun. Nothing interesting unless you targets only Queen Fish. Occasionally some mackerels and barracudas.  

    This time of the year, best fish straits of Malacca. You can fish from Pontian to Port Klang. Lots of nice snappers and groupers. If doing jigging, use anything that is Bright Orange. Always choose to go on super fast current (currents that makes an angler use up to 450g jigs/slowfall). Why? Fish in straits of Malacca are predatorial samurai, they hunt when current is swirling. If you hit such current and your spots are full of stones, dont change spot. Work it out 6 to 10m off the seabed. If you get it right, you are in for jackpot. :)
  • goldenears68
    Thank you Bro Melvin for your advice. Appreciate it.

    Merry Christmas to you! 
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