Dec 20 2017

Looking for kaki to fish on Dec 20 2017 ( eastern & or Southern island) . 
Currently there are 3 kaki with interest , need another 5 but boat can take a total of 10. 
If interested please leave your contact number and
will revert as soon as number is reached . 
  • zhuhaibaker
    This was the catch on Dec 5  2017, that is why we are interested to try again if we can get at least 8 people on board. 

  • zhuhaibaker

    Boat is big and spacious with toilet.
    Price 80 per person ( live prawn , Ice and drinks )
    Normally there will be an assistant/deckhand to help out
    so very comfortable for new angler or lady angler. 
    There is a MRT station next to the boarding place.
    I am not the boatman nor organiser just one of the
    angler on board on Dec 5 , you can pm me your 
    name and contact number , once the required number 
    is reach I will pass it to the boatman they will do 
    the confirmation.

  • charleschow
    Interested. Please let me know more details. Chow - 97359944.
  • zhuhaibaker
    I have pm you the details including the fishing coordinator for this charter contact number and you can 
    contact him directly to confirm your slot.
    Ps to add , so far this charter has the cleanest toilet we have come across !

  • zhuhaibaker
    edited December 2017
    Just to update , as of now there are a total of
    6 Anglers who indicated their interest so left a few
    more slots. 
    Sgd 80 per person ( includes live prawn , ice & water)
    From 8am to 6pm
    Boarding Marina South Pier ( Red Line MRT station)
    Fishing Area - Eastern & or South Islands
    A very hard working Captain who tries his best to locate fishing spot .
    This is a relatively new Charter so not many people are aware of it. 
    ( I have been on this charter a couple of times already) 
  • zhuhaibaker
    edited December 2017
    Good Morning Fishing kakis
  • frz1
    Hw many more slots to go? 
  • zhuhaibaker
    There are three more slots that available but already got 
    three people indicated that they have interest but have not pay the deposit yet . It would be best to contact 
    Fish Stalker , fishing coordinator , David directly to ensure your place . ( David contact 91446688)
  • zhuhaibaker
    Trip on Dec 20 fully taken up ,
    Moderator kindly closed this posting.
    Thank You to all that shown interest.
  • zhuhaibaker
    This was the final catch for Dec 20. There should actually be another four fishes in the picture but 
    because of various reasons.
    We had two young anglers from ACJC on board,
    they were the lucky ones. Early morning they had
    big bend on their rods, in their excitement they forgot
    to set it , while reeling in the hooks came off but
    when you have luck with you always ends well.
    They went home with Golden Trevally and Groupers
    during the course of the trip.
    Some were lost due to line crossed went reeling in ,
    well that is part of fishing .
    Apart from three anglers the rest were all first timers ,
    All were easy going fish kakis .
    Hope to meet again whether soon whether on Fish Stalker charter or others, Happy Fishing !


  • zhuhaibaker
    Correction * First Timers on Fish Stalker Charter
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