My lures for PB - please advice

hey guys, finally I got proper rod, and I am going for my first PB. I went two times (Lower Seletar and Bedok) but without success . Here are the lures I have for PB can you please advice what is best to try, or to buy some new...

  • Luke Maow Bear
    They all will work. I would not go Topwater for the time being though if you want to catch your first few. PB's and Temensis.
  • Marko
    Tnx Luke, then I will try suspending ones first
  • monstrad

    I recommend popper fly, which is a hookless popper attached to like 1m long line to single/treble hook fly

    some people use a eva float instead of popper or a sinker

    its a very common rig in local legal grounds

  • Marko
    I saw that today monsrad! We had simmilar sistem in my coutri for catching aspius aspius I will try something def

     I was on the water (lower seletar near yishun ave) from 11-1:15 - got nothing. Once PB was following my lore (red/white minnow) and thats it. Maybe timing was bad mybe lures who knows...There were two more fishermen only ona catched small one. There was some activity on surface but looked more like sunbathing than hunting. Tried every lure, slow, fast, twitch, shalow runners, poppers, result for now. Water is very shallow though and a lot of grass patches...
  • Marko
    Ok just an update I just catch my first (and second) PB! :) Yes!

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