We Need to Help Catch this Otter (Saved)

Luke Maow Bear
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Hi all,

We need to help catch this otter, calling upon all Captain Planeteers.

We need to help ACRES do this - as we hold the rings to Captain Planet there is talk about casting a cast net (Jala) so that it can be removed.

This is not a drill, with your powers combined we need to catch this Otter to save it.

Via Chun Kit Soo
  • frz1
    Ahh fick!!! Thts really sick. Pity tht otter man. Hope someone save it asap. Cruel. 
  • bond
    I dont mind to help out if needed.....
    i can bring gloves and a cage and transport to the vet.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    We are working with ACRES and Volunteers now. Will update.
  • frz1
    The flesh and the fur somehow looks like it has alr recover. And seriously look like someone tried to catch this fella bt it manage to escape 50% of it. 
  • md_zoran
    They are highly social animals, we already know that. Perhaps the stress of the capture will be lesser if you capture the whole family. I know it sounds mad, but each individual will try to remain with the family, and they will fight less to escape from a place where their family is.

    Preparation of the trap
    1. Find a place that has some kind of fences, like in this picture

    2. Make sure that they can't get out of the perimeter, reinforce it if need be on all other sides.
    3. Make them room to get in, like a door. Not too small because they won't.
    4. Around the perimeter, make a small ditch, and hide a wide curtain of strong material. Something like this, used usually by farmers

    5. The curtains should be tied with strong and long ropes, over the fence, and ready to be pulled
    6. Put some large troughs with water and live fish inside the fenced perimeter, to attract them. Use fish blood if need be, to generate a strong smell that the otters will pick up and make them choose *your* fish over the ones in the rivers

    Preparation of the humans
    1. Wear face masks, for 2 reasons : protection and perhaps for tricking the otters that you are not like the other humans (perhaps this will work). I would recommend those masks that are used in fencing competitions.

    2. Wear gloves. However, I'm not sure what to recommend. There are gloves made of strong material, good if the otters bite you (and they will !) but they may reduce mobility and the otters may slip if you catch them by their fur. There are rubber gloves that won't slip so much, but if the otters bite you, they will tear your fingers to shreds.

    The general idea of the trapping process
    In my opinion the end goal is to have the otters in a stand off : you don't touch them, but they don't approach you. If need be, separate them in smaller groups (details bellow). Separate the injured otter and keep the rest of the family in a "sanctuary", and feed them, until you return the injured otter back to the group (I estimate 3-7 days). They will accept it back much easier after the recovery and they might also understand that you meant them no harm ! Wear a simple yest distinctive symbol, it may be the Red Cross, but it may be anything else. I think that they will associate in time, especially since these events will only multiply, because both the otter population and the human population will increase and cross paths more often. Wear this symbol both when you catch the otter and both when you release it.

    Details and steps of the trapping process
    1. Let the otters go inside the perimeter, and then all together (5-6 people) pull the ropes and raise the curtains, to cut off their escape route.
    2. Have two human adults go after each otter adult. One will try to intimidate the otter as if to catch it, and one will keep watch and assist the first in separating each adult from the group and keeping the otter cornered.
    3. Be wary of having two or more otter adults close together. Because as you reach for one of them, the other one might leap and bite.
    4. They are much more alert than you, but also more scared. No matter what you do, don't hesitate. Better to make a small mistake, but to dominate the "field" than to hesitate and give the otters sign that you don't have a clue what you are doing. They will then try to gang up on you, and this is more dangerous for everyone.
    5. After a bit of running around, they will understand that they can't gang up on you and they will be wary. They will stop on the ground and hold their positions or try to retreat. If they retreat, do not pursue, but make sure they don't escape !
    6. Tranquilizer darts may be a good option, but I have no idea what is their impact on the metabolism and health of the otters, especially the hurt one. I think that this is the only otter that actually needs to be tranquilized but only because it would be too risky both for that otter and for the vets to handle it "live".

    The treatment
    Don't try to treat the otter to 100% health. It's unfeasible for many reasons. Do that 20% medical work that will have the 80% impact : remove the wire and stitch the otter up. I'm not a vet, but I know that when I have sterilized one of my female cats, they used a wire to sew her belly that absorbed into the skin and didn't need ulterior removal. I am worried that the otter might try to bite it's stitches and hurt itself more in the process (just like my cat tried). I am sure your medical tech is much more advanced so you might now even better solutions.

    The return
    Wear the "health symbol" that you have chosen, and put the otter in a cage in the midst of their family. Let the family approach and then release it. Be a bit ceremonial about it : "health symbol" on your outfits, let the otters talk a bit before releasing it and stuff like that.
    Monitor the otters for one more day, to see that Aquarius is not harmed and well integrated. Give them a special meal, with treats.

    The release of the otters in the wild
    Have the same people participate, with the same gear. Have 1-2 humans stand guard and 1-2 people symbolically tear down the curtain that prevents them from escaping. Show them that they can leave. Retreat sideways and simply go away.

    I know that many will not agree with this course of action, it may be a dangerous and "wild" plan, but if you summarize, at the end, the otters will have gone through these steps : trapping, running around, being fed, having one from their family kidnapped while being sick but then returned in much better condition and then being released.

    I thing that they are smart enough to understand that, in the end, it was for their good.
  • Luke Maow Bear

    It seems you are right. The only way it can be done is a trap of sorts. 
  • md_zoran
    Congratulations ! <3
  • Luke Maow Bear
    edited November 2017
    The little bum bum is saved!

  • rayz
    Grad to know that :)
  • frz1
    Wow. Lucky its saved. But seriously hw the hell did it get its body into tht metal wire shit. Aiyo
  • Luke Maow Bear
    It was a rubber O Ring.
  • frz1
    It was a rubber O Ring.
    ​Ouh! Rubber o ring could do that kind of damage. Wow
  • Luke Maow Bear
    frz1 said:
    It was a rubber O Ring.
    ​Ouh! Rubber o ring could do that kind of damage. Wow
    ​yeah which explains how it got in. Elastic.
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