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Hi Kakis,

What are the recommended rigs and length for baiting to be used in PRMP? 

Is it common to use live bait during the day and dead during the night?
  • Michael Lim
    Not really...  both can be used at either times.  It's all up to you.
    Live prawns, dead prawns, live mullets, fish fillets, they can all be used at any time.  You just need to know how to rig them to the right situation and timing.  Sometimes, the fishes are hunting nearer to the bottom, sometimes, they prefer a suspending bait.

    Night baiting is easier with a float and chemical light to show you if it has dipped...  but if you are hardworking and want to drag the bait back slowly, floats and lights are not necessary.
  • monstrad

    for active baiting.

    1)apolo rig + 2 oz sinker, cast to middle of pond, slowly drag back (common to see pple using surfcast rod for this)

    2)10g jighead with dead bait, cast out and slowly drag back

    for passive baiting

    floater with 2 separate line for 2 hook live prawn+live milkfish, cast 2 m out and parking

    I don't really recommend to park sinker, as u need a rather big sinker to keep light taut and bites on floater much easier to see than rod tip

    baits to use depends on ur budget n availability, I ever seen pple use salmon fish slices as bait

    popular dead baits r kembong fillet, sotong, prawn meat

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