best light casting rod matching with stella 4000

pretty new in casting, any advises would be very much appreciated. 
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Get a Major Craft Shore Casting Rod at 8.6 FT. 

    Or if you want to go Luring get a 6.4 FT or so Rod.

    What do you want to do exactly. Long cast or Luring.
  • monstrad
    Size 4000 can use for surf lure casting .boat lure casting. Whats ur purpose?
  • 2804
    Boat casting, does Smith KOZ 70L/2 match it? 
  • oliver
    Versa Pitch PE1.5-3...light n strong rod!
  • 2804
    casting rod pls, 2 pieces preferred 
  • Luke Maow Bear
    2804 said:
    casting rod pls, 2 pieces preferred 
    ​Bro you have any budget 
  • monstrad

    for 2 piece boat casting rod, mostly 2 piece butt join, rarely can find 2 piece mid joint

    koz 70L/2 is  mid joint but lure rating only 35g

    the all time favourite pintail tune is 40g

    better to get a lure rating of 60g max to be able to cast larger pintail style lures

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