Alternative Fishing Destination - Pranburi Thailand, Gulf Of Thailand

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Hey guys

To those who are adventurous enough to include some fishing along with a far flung beach holiday this might be of interest to you.

Recently made a family trip to HuaHin Thailand, a touristy beach town 2 hours south of Bangkok. Two of us fishos wanted to get some fishing in and booked a day's fishing with Khun Awt, a Pranburi jigging enthusiast who promotes the Yakuza brand jigs which are made in  a neighbouring town. His charges for a 2 angler sport fisher boat are 6000 baht a day and a 4 angler 22 footer sport fisher are 13000 baht a day. We took his bigger boat for safety and comfort reasons. He can be contacted on Facebook here:ยอด-Fishing-BOAT-415001038603717/

Pranburi is a 30 minute drive south of Hua Hin and the coast is amazingly scenic. Our catch for the day was nothing enormous but was lots of fun with several kurau, flathead, sweetlips, groupas, golden snappers ranging from half to 2 kg and one 3kg cobia. Style of fishing was solely jigging. What worked the best was slow jigs namely Storm Slow Rocker and Yakuza Stinger 40g to 80g. PE2 max recommended. Random other jigs worked well too and notably effective colours being pink/blue and yellow/green. Mention must also be made for IMA Ichimatsu jigs which were often cut off by something toothy below. Will bring wire leader next time. Boat was very comfortable and Khun Awt and the driver Khun Kook were extremely fun and helpful putting us on the fish as well as being expert jiggers themselves, teaching us several new tricks. Unfortunately no Spanish Macks and Ebeks were landed although lots of cutoffs and raised half eaten fish due to some toothy predators below. It was a bit early in the year for the macks so might return in a months time as it was a really fun day out at sea. Bringing the fish back was not a problem. Simply asked Khun Awt to freeze the fish overnight and we packed them into a styrofoam box bought locally, no ice, sealed up the box and had no questions asked at check in at Suvanaphumi airport. In Pranburi we stayed at Khun Awt's hotel @ 500 baht a room/night  for convenience. Basic room, no frills but clean and comfortable. Overall a great fishing experience although the travelling there takes a bit of effort. No need to use a guide who will mark up tremendously the cost of the boat. Transportation from Bangkok airport to Pranburi through the transport websites are about 5200 baht for a MPV return.  The beach chalets at Pranburi are really relaxing with several nice seafood restaurants by the sea within walking distance. Anyone who is interested in checking this place out just to chill and get in some jigging fun as well should seriously check it out. If it is just 2-3 persons, you can work out a deal with a taxi driver (normal sedan) who will be able to bring you there and back and drive you around while you are there. Do drop me a post if you have further questions. Hope this was of interest to some fishos out there.

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