2/3 June Sat/Sun Changi/Ubin Day Fishing/Boating Trip

Hi all! Looking for some kakis for boating/fishing trip around Ubin and Changi. Weekdays preferred, quite flexible with the weekdays so just hit me up on availability.

Usually light-gear preferred as the fishing area is quite shallow. Asking for a nominal fee $85/head (inclusive of the live prawns) to aid in the upkeep of the boat. Usually I've got 4-5 slots available so let me know if anyone is keen! Boarding will be at Punggol Marina around 9am and end around 5.30pm-ish

I usually post my CR ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;http://forum.fishingkaki.com/discussion/comment/1322186#Comment_1322186

Whatsapp only please at 94382121 for trip updates, CR etc

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