Maldives 2 days popping & jigging around 2nd Sep 2017

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Maldives 2 days popping & jigging around 2nd Sep 2017

Looking for 1 or 2 kakis for cost sharing in Maldives. Popping and jigging trip.

$500 USD each for 2 full days (Based on 2 people, $333 USD based on 3 pax)
Flights to be booked by passengers, note AirAsia is starting direct flights from Bangkok to Male starting August, return flights from Bangkok are around $269 SGD, Singapore to Bangkok is cheap flight, so better then the usual Sri Lanka route.

Dates are flexible at this stage in between 30th Aug and 5th September.


Few pics from a customer (not me) one week ago.

Hit me up on WhatsApp +61 409 834 716

  • elirae
    Bump, bump, get onboard.  B)
  • elirae
    For details WhatsApp +61 409 834 716
  • Luke Maow Bear
    You are planning to fly from Australia or Thailand or Singapore; reason I am asking is are you guys all going to together or meet at Male.

    Also where do you plan to stay when you are there, Hulumale or Male - Which Atoll/Island?

    Not being difficult but these are things that will help people be interested in this post; just helping :)

  • elirae
    Hi Luke,
    I'll be coming in from Bangkok, and as specified passengers are to get their own flights into Male.

    It would be in the Male vicinity, more specifically I'll be stay on Huraa Island. I've tried to leave it a little more flexible as its short notice, I could move location and choose dates to help suit interested persons. As per usual small details can be worked out on PM or WhatsApp.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Ok excellent. Good luck with it. 
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