My 1st Peacock Bass

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Hello everyone!

I visited Singapore for a 2weeks trip, to try out my luck catching Peacock Bass & Giant Snakeheads. And last Saturday (29th July), my hunt paid off...

I caught this one from MacRitchie Reservoir. Took me about 15mins to land him. Wow, these fishes really knows how to give you a good rush!

Size is about as big as my thigh, and almost 3kgs. (using a digital luggage scale).

Fish is safely released back into the water, after weighing and a few photos.

Now moving on to my next target, the Giant Snakehead. And also the Mahseer... Where can i catch 'em?

I hope to land these before i fly out of your country.

  • d.titan
    Wow...that's a big one
  • herphermits
    d.titan said:
    Wow...that's a big one

    My 1st ever Peacock Bass.

    Caught on a 4ft. telescopic rod i bought for S$10 from someone online here in Sg. The reel is a Tomman Micro-500 spooled with 8lbs braid and a 12lbs flouro leader. My lure is a StrikePro Mini-Shad deepdiver.
  • PatrickStar
    Mahseer you need to go Malaysia. 
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Yep Mahseer in Malaysia.

    Congratulations on your Peacock Bass. Welcome to Singapore.
  • herphermits
    Yep Mahseer in Malaysia.

    Congratulations on your Peacock Bass. Welcome to Singapore.

    I'm leaving this weekend, going back home.
    It was indeed a pleasure and utmost fun to have finally caught one of my most sought-after freshwater fish (without travelling to South America).
    Although i haven't landed me a C.micropeltis on this trip, i sure will on my next visit here next month.

    And btw...
    Where in Malaysia are the best freshwater fishing spots / locations? As will visit them soon too.

    I prefer freshwater over saltwater (we have lots of saltwater fishing back home).

    Thanks to all replies.
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