Fishing reel

hi kaki , any ideal about shimano Tomman titanium plus 3000 reel? 
  • james_bomb
    reek quality go by price. a cheap reel never beat an expensive reel.
  • littlecrab
    It really look like shimano Sahara old model reel n has shimano wording on the spool. But the box packaging is Tomman brand. So is shimano or tomman reel ?
  • james_bomb
    edited July 23
    Shimano Sahara lack of one bearing on the right side plate. so I have to buy another bearing to upgrade. in fact I sold off all my Shimano Sahara .
  • littlecrab
    In carousel listed a sale for ' shimano tomman titanium plus 3000 reel. Bro may you take a look on that thread , to identify that reel is make by shimano or Tomman brand. Many thank.
  • james_bomb
    I never take Shimano reel again except Stella, Daiwa is better make.
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