Family trip to Maldives on board a Safaris Boat

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I am planning for a fishing cum island hopping and snokelling trip to Maldives with my family again. Below was a 4 Day 3 Night trip report to Maldives in Dec 2014 on board Pearlwin Safaris boat with 5 kids from 3 families.

Yong’s Family

Ho’s Family

Aw Yang’s Family

It is different from the usually fishing trip I make, where the focus for this trip was to visit different remote islands each day, snorkelling and doing light bottom fishing/ jigging. The sea was very calm to fish.

The Catches

PE 1 to 3 setup with Apollo hooks and madai jigs for the Kids to fish.

Kids in Action

We have managed to do some popping and was fortunate to land a 30kg GT.

Kid took a photo with the GT

A 5 years old boy hooked up to a 60kg Shark with Madai jig. Fortunately, the hook landed up on its fin or else there is no chance to bring it up (see above). His father took over the fight when the kid felt the fish is too big for him to handle.


Here is the video clip of the families venturing to a remote beaches in Maldives,

  • msyong
    Sea Cucumber


    Building Sand Castle

    Night Fishing

    The Boat

    Lot of space at the front of the boat for popping and fishing




    Waiting for the charter water taxi to ferry us from the airport jetty to the safari boat

  • Dav1415

    Great trip, please share the 4 days 3 night itinerary and cost.

    We are very keen.

    Au family

    9648 2606   

  • msyong

    Itinerary - we visit different island each day, fishing in the morning and evening, snorkelling in the afternoon.

    Cost - it depend how many people go and the cost of the airfare. Now, I estimate it will cost $1400 to $1500/person for a 4D3N trip by SQ. For our trip two year ago, it cost less when the US$ and the Maldives tax was lower.

  • Dav1415

    Thanks for the info, we have 2 adult and 1 child.

    Do let us know the date and will get back to you when confirm.


    David Au

  • msyong
    I am just sharing my trip report and not looking for kakis. 
  • msyong
    A number of kakis have asked me for contact. You may post your interest in the Kakis for Kakis forum to organise a trip to Maldives. I will be glad to share my experience with you.
  • lokh chiak
    Wow! Nice ! Hope to do it some day.. thanks for sharing Syong
  • msyong
    You are welcome. It took me a lot of effort to convince my wife and my daughter to go. In the end it is a memorable trip for my daughter and her friends. Hope this CR help you convince your family to join you for such trip.
  • Senght
    1400-1500 per person  - this includes airfare, accomodation, expenses and other expenses?
  • msyong
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    Yes, the estimate include airfare, accommodation, hiring of the boat and 3 meals a day. The only addition expenses are for the drinks (mineral water, soft drink, beer and liquor) on board and tip for the crews.    

  • msyong

    For the video clip, suggest that you view it in 720p or 1080p.

    For more serious fishing, here is the CR for the earlier trip I made with fellow kakis and friends. ;

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