Looking for Kakis (West Area)

The Drifters
Hi, everyone,
Recently i came back from a fishing trip at Malaysia and i realised that much time is wasted for picking up kakis and sending kakis home, especially when one kaki is staying at East side and the other is at the West side.
Much time wasted on travelling between Tampines and Jurong area.

So I'm creating a group chat here to save travelling time for Kakis staying at West Area. Nearby also ok. 
Next time go Malaysia OR other area fishing can save alot of travelling time by Van, MPV or Car.
Other areas kakis can and should also create one for themselves.  
Feel free to pen your contact here, Thanks.

  • puakk
    I'm interested! Interested in both FW and SW fishing in and out of Singapore. 

    Samuel - 81607352
  • fisherman1601
    Me too. Interested to join west Malaysia fishing trip.

    I stay in CCK. Pls contact me. Ron - 90289066
  • The Drifters
    Thanks for those who keen to join in.
    I may be away during the weekends, please leave your name and contact here, when i am back I will update you into my handfone.

    This group chat is for the benefit of every one who join in. for example....,
    1) If you have a fishing trip you cam post it in this group chat.
    2) Anyone can ask questions here before he decides to go or not.
    3) If you have been there you can choose to give your opinions here.
    4) You can also choose to keep quiet.
    6) Later if you give up fishing you can also leave the group chat.
    7) can share your experience like what are the type of PE or equipment used, etc.
    8) You can post some photos here or at the group chat. 
    9) New kakis (not been there) can gain some knowledge from old kakis (have been there).
    There are many things we can share in this Fishingkaki forum and phone group chat.  
    Happy Fishing / Bernard     
  • ames
    Amos 94550388 jurong west
  • james_bomb
    where you guys usually go n what time.
  • The Drifters
    where you guys usually go n what time.
    ​Read the title carefully....
  • mttdaniel
    Daniel 9786-4166 JE , old retiree

  • james_bomb
    those guys want to steel your spot. 
  • The Drifters
    mttdaniel said:
    Daniel 9786-4166 JE , old retiree

    ​.....added Daniel to the group.
  • nasty trevally

  • TanCH
    Pls add my number clay 94755577
  • Revox77
    Alex 83005774
  • james_bomb
    let fish at my spot.
  • The Drifters
    added....Tan CH
  • The Drifters
    added....Tan JH
  • james_bomb
    nobody wanna go my spot?  hehehe funny
  • CHUNG78
    Pls add my no. 81287333 David
  • james_bomb
    so many jepun.hehehehehehehe
  • The Drifters
    CHUNG78 said:
    Pls add my no. 81287333 David
    ​added....David Chung
  • james_bomb
    edited July 23
    I will fish at my secret spot, hehehehehe
  • wenyu1988
    hi can add me - wenyu 88280630
  • The Drifters
    added......wenyu to the group chat  
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