Changi Ah Long 29th Jul (7 slots available)

I have a trip on 29th Jul on Ah Long Changi. Looking for 7 paxs. Trip will be cost sharing. Watsapp me @ 91866414 for details. Thanks.
  • BO
    Boat cost is $450 and prawns will be around 2-3kg depending on the number of anglers. Will be cost sharing. 5 more slots available
  • BO
    All slots taken. Thanks for your interested.
  • oliver
    U are definitely wrong tis time, James! Ah long will go all out to da shipping zone if tides are favourable..dun anyhow kamikaze n bomb! Hahaha..
  • oliver
    Thks alot..its about fishing not me as far as I am concerned!
  • evilric
    edited July 2017
    ah long ,ah fong ,ah pew they are hard working and respectable and very experience boatman in Changi .. ah long used to stay in Ubuntu since young de he got all the experience in Changi waters.. used to go ah fong ah pew ah long trips and always had a good time .. the only thing is their weekend trips are always fully booked hence stopped for a while.. my trip with ah long had a record for 50 fishes in one day.. 30 over fishes at least weighs 800g to 1kg plus.. some even bigger .. and most of my last time kakis who went with me always had a good time.. they are also shock at the quality fishes Changi have.. they had the same thinking Changi water no fish . Changi boatman lousy.. but just too bad some boatman dun have enough experience and good spots.  the last trip my dad went with ah long had 3 big grouper with the largest weighing 7 kg..(that's just 2 months back) Changi have wide range of fishes .. more red snapper then in southern and southern have alot of big grouper weighing 10 to 20kg.. fishing is about luck but it also depends on good boatman and ah long ah fong and ah pew are really good boatmans.. you can take a look at their fb page.. cheers .. 
  • oliver
    For sure can park at Bukom to fish? U slept for quite awhile now, James! 
  • sh0ckwav3
    Does ah long have any facebook? or contact? i'm interested to book his boat for fishing
  • oliver
    I am not da boatman but just a man on da boat..con me, arrrh? Hahahaha..its ok lah, James! No prob de..
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