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  • Desaru-VIP
    Last Sat-09/12/17 Desaru-VIP with 5-kakis Private-Booking the whole Reservoir for their own party...  
    TanCL with me to Threadfin-Pond for "Catch&Buy - C&B" fun-fishing....
    Both of us fill the 20Q cooler box with 28-Threadfin....   by mini metal-jigs and rubber-lures .....

    Anyone interested to book the Reservoir for Private-Function, Family-Gathering, Company-Family-Day, Friend-Gathering, Corporate-Event etcs...    may whatsapp or contact Chia Gin Song @ 92382558...
    S$300/max.6-pax...  additional pax @ S$40/pax for 3-hrs catch & release  fun-fishing...  or  C&B-Catch&Buy fun-fishing....

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    Changi/Ubin Catch on 10/12/2017 .....

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    Ubin catch-report 17/12/2017 ...

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    Fishing-Kaki lost his life after drop into the sea from the Land-area dock @ Marina-Country-Club last month...
    Reason :
    1. No lighting at Dock-Area !
    2. No Barricade at Dock-Area !
    3. No Warning-Sign at Dock-Area !
    4. Life-Boey was unable to use (tighten) !
    5. .......
    【Email the Suggestions on how to Prevent the same accident happen again, to both Marina-country-Club & Berthing company on 18/12/2017.... todate, No sign of improve action or news !..】
    1。 吊船处没有灯光,漆黑一片!
    2。 没有围栅 !
    3。 没有警告牌示 !
    4。 救生圈被绑死固定无法取出 !
    【18/12/2017 电郵俱乐部与停泊公司提出了改进建议,避免类似遇难事件再次发生。 但至今全无下文!也没有任何改进工作!】

  • Desaru-VIP
    Our regular fishing-kakis @ Marina-Country-Club "On-Land".
    Fall into the sea from Land-docking & lost his life !!! Sad  
    我们的钓友于榜鹅船艇俱乐部 ”陸地上” 失足从 吊船处 跌下海而失去了宝贵的生命!

    Accident can be "Avoided" and should not "Happen" ...
    1. No lighting at land-dock area !
    2. No barriers surrounding the dock !
    3. No warning-sign !
    4. Rescue life-boay was tight-secure, unable to use instantly when needed !
    5. Pier-4 closed for months, all jet-ski boats occupied on Pier-5...
    Other boats with no alternative use the Pier-6, all passengers up/down from Pier-6 must passing the "dangerous land-dock" area !
    Chances for next accident kakis fall into the sea will be Super-high (especially after sun-set, no lighting there !  75%  !)
    不幸事件不应该发生,且完全可以避免的 !
    1。 该 ”陸上”  吊船处 完全无燈光照明 !
    2。 没有任何的 ”围栅” !
    3。 没有任何的 "警告牌示” !
    4。 救生圈 被 ”固定”, 无法在紧急时刻使用 !
    5。 4号码头关闭好几个月了……滑水船艇 ”被迫” 停泊在5号码头!其他的船艇及钓友们只能在6号码头上下 !
    事故发生的地点- ”陸上吊船处” 成为 ”必经之路” !因为没有围栅及任何的警示牌,任何人都可能有跌下海的超高的机会!(天黑后的机会可能增加到75%以上,那里没有灯光照明)!

    All kakis must be caution when you walk on-land near Pier-5 & Pier-6.... anyone can easy fall into the sea from the land-dock there !!!  Because of no barricades or warning-signal !
    (Do not read Hp when you walk !)

    Marina refused to improve the current un-safe situation!!!
    Hopefully with this newspaper info.   They will "wake-up"...
    To carry out all the necessary action to improve the safety-measurements..
    Avoid the next accident recurring.
    TanCL - R.I.P.

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