Sep 21 to 24 '17 (4D 3N), Sedili + Kuantan Trip (Revised Trip)

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Hi fellow kakis, 

I had revised this trip to a 4 days instead of original 3 days. Boarding of Ah-Mong boat would still be at Sedili 21st (Thursday), sailing all the way to Kuantan and back to Sedili on 24th (Sunday).

One slot left (preferably with transport)

Itinerary: Meeting on Sep 20th (Wednesday) night, timing: 11.45pm, meeting at Yishun. Hit to J.B for supper, then set off for Sedili, boarding around 3am. Coming back shore 11am on Sunday, Sep 24. Then hit for Buk Kut Teh along Kota Tinggi road side or Seafood at JB.

Boat set up: 10 individual bed with air-con,  toilet for shower and rod-holder.
Fishing style: Bottom fishing, surface fishing (ballon) or drifting. However, light jig or luring can do done depending on water current.  W
e usually go for bait fishes on very first spot, once enough bullets, we will hit for international sea (depth: up to 60 meter) to hunt for monster  :-p

Recommended Gear: Spinning PE:1-3 (30lbs line) & Overhead PE 3-6(50lbs and above) &
Sabiki sz:12 to 18(drifting). My advise to bring spare tackles. 

This is a non-profit trip, so cost to be shared (Supper & lunch @ JB, 3 meals onboard, sotong baits, soft drinks only, snacks, toll charges and petrol, tip carpark at local resident house and deckies).

Catch will all shared, so expect all to chip-in to help pull up fishes. 

Per pax will cost around 1500 RM (max) base on 10 pax.
And if I can manage to order king prawn n crab for our stomach.
I will do the actual cost onboard to determine how much kaki to pay for the trip.

Require S$200 deposit, balance to pay me onboard by RM. 
Due to past upset incident. No return of deposit two weeks before set-off, kaki will have to find it own replacement. This is to be fair to all kakis (including me) who will have to fork out additional $ to make-up for the kaki who pull out last minute.

Attached my face for ID
Interested kaki can contact me @ +65 8444 5568. 
As I am not able to use my H.P during working hours, kindly leave a message and I will call back once I can, appreciate your understanding.

Attached the last trip result, catch was average as we hit strong wind on 1st day afternoon and had to hid out behind Aur, follow by stuck anchor, struggle for hours, finally decided to cut the anchor and continue with just tying at different ujams. Seriously, boatman work hard, just luck not with us.

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