Tackle shops in Bangkok

Hi guys,

any idea where i can do a little shopping in bangkok for tackle? Looking for more specialised stuff for popping and jigging. 

  • Freakomin
    1) 7 Seasproshop - a lot of jigging and popping things but may be a bit expensive or maybe not

    2) parknumfishing 
    3) flyingfish ( search flying fish sai 3 to get their website)

    That's all I can think of 
  • Freakomin
    for lures I don't know if I should recommend 7seasproshop due to their price but for reels, highly recommended as they have their own lifetime warranty.
    As for the other shops, i don't think they sell a lot of jigging and popping. 7sea sells A LOT jigging and popping
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