Okuma Retro vs Storm Solitude

I m a newbie in baitcasting. Want to try out saltwater luring. Which rod is suitable for saltwater? Okuma Retro 5pc or Storm Solitude 4pc. I need a travelling rod for easy transportation.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Solitude is discontinued. 

    The latest 4pc rod is from Rapala which is the Rapala Trail Blazer. 6'4" for the 4-10lb and 6'6" for 8-20lb. Available in spin and cast. 

    Check it out at Sincere, Riverland, Joe's, Bigfish@ Helping Hand, Eastackle and Ewaves Fishburn. 

    Get the 8-20 for Saltwater. 
  • pinkfloyd
    Thank you very much Luke for the precious adivice.
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