Changi trip 08/01/2017

Michael Lim
I got invited to a boat trip for today by Desmond Kwong and I agreed as I was desperately in need of a proper fishing session since the finesse catch incident.

But sadly a few days back we were greeted with the bad news of ships colliding resulting in a oil spill in the Changi area.  After checking with the boatman, we were assured that it was still a go and we proceeded this morning with multiple sets of tackle.  It was originally meant to be 3 pax but one of the trio was delegated O'seas and had to miss out on this trip.  Well, 2 of us on the same boat gave us even more room.

Heading out to the area, we prepped the gear along the way and were ready to fire out the deep diver lures.  Once there, we peppered the spot with casts and Desmond was the first to strike a decent sized grouper.  I caught up but with a small grouper and both were destined for the icebox.

The next hit surprised us as we saw the silvery flash as I brought the fish up to the surface.  One juvenile GT had climbed onto my deep diver.  I was using a Tailwalk Namazon Mobile C664MH paired with a Daiwa HRF PE Special loaded with PE2 Duel X8 braided line.

It was quickly released after the photo session and hopefully mebbe we can encounter it again when it grows up in a few years time.

Traveling around the area, we tried even harder but only one more grouper was persuaded to jump onto the Abyss Scouter lure (same model, different colour as the GT one)

It disgorged a small whole squid and it was passed to the boatman for his baiting setup.

Thereafter, the flow of the current subsided and we had our lunch and switched over to Tenya gear. (I was using a Blackhole Hurricane Rubber Jigging KR C-68RM matched to a Tailwalk Elan Widepower 71BR loaded with Varivas PE 1.5)

Dropping various tenyas like the original Daiwa tenyas and such, we had quite a few hits and misses.  Even had quite a few "arumugams" stealing our baits regularly too.

The wolf herring was a surprise, we never expected this to have shown up on board at all.

Desmond got this grunter while bouncing the tenya.  After losing a few tenyas each and finding the water near Changi beach still plagued with patches of oil slicks and a thin film in certain areas, we went back to casting deep divers.

At one particular snag, I cast and one small specimen of "arumugam" jumped onto the Abyss Scouter.

Greedy fish?  I'll let you rule the verdict.  It was released...

We jibbed each other about the hits and misses that both of us had including one more loss in which my lure was dragged quite a distance away and I had tried to pump the fish back but sadly the fish dropped off my hook. 

Earlier, Desmond had commented to the boatman that he would have a lot of lures to wash after his trip, so I suggested to him that he could just donate the lure to the fishes and he would have one less lure to worry about.  He declined saying that the colour of his lure was no longer on the market.

And as we were trying our last cast, I mentioned that we should try for a double hookup as it would make for a nice photo session.  I went left, Desmond went right and we both cranked for a bit and I got my hookup first.  "Fish on"  Desmond joined up just a few seconds later with a solid take.  I cranked my fish slowly and it came in obediently...  this time though it disgorged a small orange crab.

Desmond was still fighting his fish and I looked up towards him in the hopes of a double catch pic.  But it was not to be, he was buried deep by his powerful fish as it took line steadily from his almost locked drag and broke him off...

My guesses are eerily accurate, double hits and one less lure to clean...  Mebbe I could get the same luck for Toto or 4D soon.  Hmmmmm.....


One last pic of the total number of fishes caught by the both of us for today's fun and laughter trip.
  • Limpeh
    Always enjoy your trip write-up! Thanks!

    Btw, 8th was a super duper hot day... Chao Dah bo?
  • Michael Lim
    Limpeh said:
    Always enjoy your trip write-up! Thanks!

    Btw, 8th was a super duper hot day... Chao Dah bo?
    ​Thank you...

    yeah, it was super hot...  we were hiding under the shelter most of the time when doing tenya and drinking loads to keep from being fried.  Got nice tan lines too...  haha
  • Michael Lim
    Oh yeah...  We forgot to take pic of the last secret catch.

    Desmond actually managed to hook onto a cuttlefish which was about 15cm long (mouth to tail, no tentacles involved here) and it was caught on a tenya with live prawn.

    Pretty amusing catch considering we were after groupers and snappers.  Come to think of it, we should have used it as bait.  Wahahaha....
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