Labrador Park jetty, reopened to the public today !!!

Des T

Labrador Park jetty was closed off after 2 landslides many many years ago.

Today it was re-opened to the public.
No announcement, no fanfare.

Let's see what's new.

Fishing is allowed only at the deep end.

Shallow end near shore has many 'No Fishing" signboards.

Let's see what had been done to stabilise the slope from another landslide.

Lots of wiremesh and steel rods, lots of new creepers grown.
Hopefully these will do the trick.

Ahhh, it is so good to run my hand along this old girl.

    Buy kayak than go fishing
  • dhappyfish
    Thanks for sharing the good news. 

    Now, i can bring my kids to fish there. 

    By the way, has another one been there lately and 
    can we still catch tamban and kuning at the jetty ? 

  • pak36
    great new .. i have been looking on the water breaker and drooling . many sangkot and lost of weight i think i will try .

  • Des T
    I was fishing there ytd for Halfbeaks.
    The season is rapidly ending alr. Weird.
    So if you intend to bring your kids to get Halfbeaks, go now, before they disappear.

    Lots of baitfish below the jetty.
    Big Rabbitfish got everyone excited. But none were successfully landed. All kena sangkok around the pillars of barnacles.

    Des T
  • rikisabirin
    Any kaki noe about d gate will CLOSE at 7pm
    No nite fishing der.
  • Luke Maow Bear
    This is pretty cool. Thanks for the post. Big rabbit fish! 
  • Jwest74

    Is the jetty open for overnite fishing.?

  • Des T
    The jetty is open 24hrs.
  • Marytan
    is the jetty accessible to people on wheelchair.  Thinking of bringing my dad to fish at this jetty
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Marytan said:
    is the jetty accessible to people on wheelchair.  Thinking of bringing my dad to fish at this jetty
    ​Yes it is. 

    I am guessing you have transport, recce once as your dad is on a wheelchair as all of us would be extra careful in saying it is 100% but from my feel it is in line with what I saw. 
  • Romanion
    Its accessible for wheelchair. Seen a couple people on wheelchairs there last week.
  • Marytan
    what do you use as bait for rabbit fish and what size hook and line?  Thanks for sharing.  
  • Paronian2fish
    To catch rabbit fish best to use cut banana or garlic, cut into small pieces with small hooks because rabbit fish has got small mouth!
  • Altec_lan
    I never ever get fish at 

    Labrador Park jetty

  • slona
    Anyone knows the depth of the water at the jetty?
  • Senght
    Any CRs?
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