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Hi guys 

I am new to this hobby. There are some things which i don't quite understand.

Should my line strength be lower than the test strength of my fish rod?
Will a heavier lure break my fish-line?
Is a medium rod recommended for a beginner?
Which line strength should i use for bass fishing?
The line strength will determine the type of reel i will be using?
  • Luke Maow Bear
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    As a rule of thumb, if you use an 8 - 16 Rod, use 8lb to 15lb, no hard rules but it's a good indicator. 

    A rod has a max casting weight, this is also known as a comfort weight. You can go slightly heavier. It's max weight normally is the highest you can go while casting hard. Anything heavier needs a lesser powerful cast. The max weight is almost always under rated. 

    Medium is fine because it's a good start to allow you to cover more types of fishing. 

    Line you use is determined on line capacity as you don't want to use a thicker line for a reel that is shallow in nature. For example use 2lb to 8lb for a 1000 sized Shimano reel.10lb for a to 15lb for a 2500 sized Shimano reel. 10lb to 20lb for a C3000. 8lb to 30lb for a 4000. It's not a direct science as the type of fishing you use counts. 

    Hope that helps. 
  • Freakinfart
    Luke already help you liao..

    But being the kaypo me.. i also reply la ok?

    1. Heavier lure wont actually break the rod ah.. but best dont cast like some siao lang maciam throwing shotputt, imagine u casting some 45g lure and you use pendulum casting.. The max weight lure for rod ALWAYS underrated like what Luke said.. for example if 5-15g lure weight, you can maybe exceed till 22g. I'm using 5' vivid light game rod lure weight max is 15g but i cast 28g whopper plopper :3

    2. Medium rod always the all rounder for new fishyman.. i reccommend u get the imba Eupro Salty Fighter cuz u can use it as light jigging and heavy casting of lure, the only downside is the kinda long butt which may or may not hinder your casting manner.. and is blardy cheap! OR you can consider Okuma Nemesis another cheap strong rod.

    3. Bass fishing ah? hmmm.. singapore not much monster bass leh.. unless wild 5-8kg barramundi or grandpapa peacock bass? Line use max 15lb best liao la bro. 15lb braided line with 15lb leader perhaps? (you never know when you will hit a monster fish.. so 15lb play safe for new fishyman)

    4. Line strength ah? ok for 2lb to 8lb u can use for size 1000 reel but usually those use light lb lines are more siao lang cuz they want to feel the fish fighting action. For 8lb - 15lb best for size 2500 to 3000 reel, this is more for new starter cuz all you want is to pump and wack that fish out without giving chance la heh. For 15lb above size 2500 to 4000 reel, this one usually seldom use la unless you go local offshore jigging and minnow casting or best hunt for TOMANS! 

    I will just go further one step to reccomend you setup:

    Reel: Shimano Stradic FK 2500 or 3000
    Rod: Eupro Salty Fighter / Okuma Nemesis
    Main Line: Daiwa J Braid 14lb ($19 dollars nia for 150yards) or Power Pro X8 15lb or Suffix 832 Advanced Gore 15lb (imo this is the best luring braid line ever)
    Leader: Nitlon DFC 15lb FC

  • stn0404
    Thanks guys, that's a lot of information for me.  :)

    Is a 300M line too much?
  • Freakinfart

    What reel u using ah? and what line is that 300m?
  • stn0404

    What reel u using ah? and what line is that 300m?
    ​Not sure yet. 300M is the raw one, haven't spool yet. Do people actually used that much of line?

    If the lure is lighter than the lure weight indicated on the rod, that will cause some problem in casting?
  • Luke Maow Bear
    Fitting in 300M of line is dependant on the reel you use bro. Yes they do but not for everyday luring. 

    My practice is I buy 300M for my 2500, 4000, 5000, 10,000, 14,000 and 18,000.

    Not all will go in for the 2500, 4000 and 5000.

    I just toss the excess line. 
  • stn0404
    I am considering the Abu Garcia Cardinal SX5. Not very expensive. Will upgrade in future when I am more experienced.
  • stn0404
    I have a 6,6" M rod, 8-17lbs test and lure 7-28gm. What's the largest size lure i can use? I mean in terms of length. Is there a ratio or rule that a maximum length of lure for a certain rod?
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