Prawning rod: what is the difference between a rod with and without balancer ?

Hi all,
Im newie to prawning and needed to get advice before buying my first prawning rod.

As i was doing my research, I saw some prawning rod comes with balancer inside the rod.
Im not sure what is the difference between a rod with and without balancer.

which type of rod should i get?

  • Devilzken
    balancer when u holding the rod for Long time u won't feel TOP heavy bottom light, anyway most prawn rod are quite light u can do without it
  • Luke Maow Bear
    It evens out the weight of the tip of the rod by making the back of the rod around the same weight or possible slightly heavier so your lift and when you are holding the rod for hours is well balanced.
  • crayfish125
    Ic, Thanks for the valuable advices. it's time for me to go for rod shopping.  :#
  • tabaohater
    With the rod balancer, the prawns will auto hook up. You will feel like the rod is an extension of your arm. Even if the prawn lightly touch the bait., you will know.

    Please get the tungsten balancer and it must be made in Japan. Other balancer will make you lose your catch.
  • nuvole
    edited October 2016
    Bait > Floater > Sinker > Hook > Patience > Line
    imho, the rod itself is the least toy that contribute to hook up.

  • Luke Maow Bear
    All in the wrist.
  • ThePrawner
    Improvisation of adding a balancer is to act as a fulcrum to exert same force but less wrist effort, hence more accuracy when striking. 
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