Looking for light premium blank

Hi all veteran rod builders,

I have seen many works of Freddie Lai, Anthony Lee and Dave Peh masterpiece using Gloomis and St Croix blanks. Unfortunately my light rod 5'6" 4-10lb has given up on me...which I got from Coho many years back..something like Ryobi Ixorne blank. Lucky still preserving a Gloomis with me, however wanted to make another light rod of similar class.

Can ask the veterans and rod builder hobbyist here, where to get those blanks? Nowadays, more brands introduce in the market like Kistler, North Fork..not sure how these blanks perform compares to Gloomis? I like the Gloomis as its light, sensitive, fast action and strong backbone. But longer can find old batch blanks. Recently saw a SEED on low poundage, test loading strong but seems like slow action and bends nice more suitable for spinning I guess. Looking for something range btw 5'6" to 6' on 6-10lb or 6-12lb. If anybody willing to let go their private collection can consider too ;p :smiley: 

Hope to get advice from veterans here. Thanks! :smile: 
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    Forgot to mention, the rod is meant for luring. Though there are more brands out in the market such as Graphite Leader, Smith, Ripple Fisher, Synit but I guess they are build for jigging. To add, I like the action of BC as they tends to have a strong lockdown backbone when setting hook. Not sure if spinning rod behaves this way. Any other good brands do recommend to me too, heard New Zealand CTS and Japan Gawas, Yamaga, Tenyru but again like buy off the shelf factory made? Need to hear from masters.. :wink: 
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    Any kind souls can advise where to find St Croix rods? Deeply appreciate advice here. Many thanks.
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