Barelang pond 23rd to 24th Jan 2016

Michael Lim
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So the Salty Pirates went for another overnight mission to the Barelang pond at Batam and I joined the group to test out my heavy gears. PE4 on the spinning outfit (Daiwa Procargo SS4500 and a Majorcraft Off Blow OB-77PG and PE3 on the BC outfit (Tailwalk Elan Widepower Plus and a Falcon Coastal SC-10-1610)

The Batamfast 20 ferry

from Harbourfront left at 1650 and headed over to the Batam Center

for pickup of drinks, snacks and dinner...

Body refueled, we took the mini bus to the pond and it was a good 45 minutes away. Luckily the jokes along the way helped to ease the boredom. One of which was about the Saurus dinosaur as a tattoo on a particular body part...
Caught on a Bassday Range Vibe

Wanting to try out the Luckycraft Real Ayu 1787F, I picked up my BC set and proceeded to the GT pond and did a long cast. Slow twitching after a retrieval stroke got me this seabass which surprised me as the lure wasn't exactly small.

Just before midnight, some of us switched to baits and we just sat there lobbing the baits out a couple of meters and waited for the fishes to bite. And enjoying some grilled corn

Some bait caught fishes

As I was almost nodding off from sitting down, I swapped gear and snapped on a Halco popper, Roosta 105 rigged with 2/0 Decoy Jigging Singles. This seabass cooperated and jumped on for a picture session

Cheap rubber lures worked too, this was a discount bin rubber lure which I rigged with a large worm hook and size 5 ball sinker. I managed to get a few fishes before one big one took it into the depths as a decorative piercing.

After day break, we continued and tried out various lures, the Bassday Range Vibe again

And even a smallish Evergreen Sea Drive

Problem with the Sea drive was that I forgot to change the split rings to a more stronger one and one take which ensured into a tug-o-war made the stock split ring open up losing my hook.

Even with one hook on, I still managed to land another fish before I quickly swapped out to stronger split rings

Here we have our Hugo boss with a nice specimen of mangrove jack on a Duel Hardcore 210F minnow.

And lastly a Luckycraft Real Vib 77 which has a nose down profile and strong vibrations as it's pulled thru the water.

Tired and hungry after all the workout, we packed up and headed back to Batam Center for a brunch before waiting for our ferry back to SG.

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