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Hi fellow kakis... Thanks for clicking into this page and I would just like to ask....where do I go to get balsa wood? Or what wood is good for making a swimbait and...when I want to join up the do I join it up so that it will swim properly and freely...? Anybody here can maybe help me take a picture of how a swimbait is joined? Would really much appreciate any help given : )
  • Freakomin
    4-8lb rod
    Shimano Biomaster 2500FB
    Varivas Avani Sea Bass Premium PE1

  • Michael Lim
    Here are 2 examples.

    Luckycraft Real Ayu 178F

    This one uses both rings on both joints one horizontal and one vertical.

    Evergreen Sea Drive

    This one uses horizontal rings connected to a vertical bar.

    Both are plastic btw. And the Luckycraft floats, the Evergreen sinks.
  • Freakomin
    Yes! Thats what I wanted to know... Thank you so much! <3
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