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The killer
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Prawning in AC shiok..any review ?

Maybe in the future , pond fishing will be in Air con room too.
  • Lobsterman78
    The catch rate is really bad. Been there twice and I only caught like one miserable prawn in an hour. It must have been the cold water.
  • bigbASS_HUNTER
    Slightly agree with Lobsterman.

    When wifey and me were there, the bite rate
    was quite good but the hookup and landing rate sucks.
    I suspect the hooks were too big and prawn too small.

    So for those avid/serious prawnies, this place sucks.

    But on the good side,
    1) Its in town
    2) Its Aircon though a bit smelly
    3) Its cheap (Current promo 1 hr for $10)

    Happy Hunting...
  • The killer
    Hi Lobsterman78 & Bigbassshunter ,

    Thanks for sharing.

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