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To all kakis in the forum,

There have been alot of inquiries about fishing in in Taiwan recently, so I shall share a good tackle shop/trip organisers from Taipei.

I visit them alot while I was living in Taipei, and I miss fishing there at Taipei, as I have since moved back.

Yufeng Tackle shop
Look for 小夫 (Xiao Fu)

Google Maps

They sell all kind of dead baits, tackles and terminal items, but most importantly, the organise weekend boat trips offshore all the time. Do say that you are from Singapore, and most of the staff there should still remember me, as I shop there so much.

Gear in Taiwan is also much much cheaper, although their warranty do not work in sg, as they are in a different region, so do note before buying.

They typical Taiwanese offshore is a large 15 pax boat, with 35 pax boat also available if your party is large enough.

These are typically night light jigging just off the shore of Keelung for beltfish, big eyed shad and bonitos, although mackerals, dorados and smaller Amberjacks are caught on the occasion. Depending on the currents and situation, typical tackle would be PE1-3 gear, 4000 size tackle, and between 60g to 120g jigs. Typical cost is NTD1500, fishing from 8pm to 5am.

The other usual trip will the the Northern 3 Island trip, which is about 4 - 5 hour boat ride from Keelung. These will target large (10kg++) Amberjack and larger bonitos, with a huge amount of other catches possible. Typical tackle will be at least PE4 gear, 150g to 250g jigs, although I have seen 400g jigs not touch bottom during heavier flow. This might be less friendly to seasick prone friends, as the wind and waves can be rather huge... They will typically gather at the harbor at 1 or 2am, and fish to 7pm later that day. Cost will be generally NTD3500 per pax

Gear can be rented from them, but you will have to inform them in advance.

They do help organise trips other than weekends, although you will have to have at least 15 people in your group to do so, as they don't have small bumboats like we do.

CR is usually pretty ok, depending on tidal flow and luck. Usually, days just before and after a typhoon will net you a huge hauls, and charters will be cancelled during typhoon days.
A typical trip will net me at least 10 to 20kg of fish a night PER angler, and my greatest record was filling a 60 liter ice box, during a massive feeding frenzy.

Also, do go on youtube and search 宝岛鱼很大。
Its a local long running fishing show with 100s of episodes, and it will showcase all kind of fishing the crazy Taiwanese loves, from wild shire fishing, to bass fishing, even sailfish fishing. The amount and sizes in Taiwan, is something that I will miss greatly, having moved back to sg.

I hope this will be a helpful reference for any kakis wishing to fish at THE island paradise of pretty women, good food and awesome fishing.

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