HBK CR: Skunk shouting for GAFF!

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Reached the kelong after waiting for boat to pump petrol in. After reaching, took a look at the icebox and wow! Two GTs and a stingray and some unknown fish were caught.

According to the fellas who caught it, one GT was caught on Kelong Sotong and the other was foul hooked( Rig twist around GT tail)!

Anyway proceeded to Lengchiam fishing and managed to con a few of them.. Later in afternoon prepared my halfbeak rig and rod and casted for them... Didnt bring polariods so quite hard to spot them.

Hitted 30 of them on the 2pm-4pm mark. Boy its hard work! Then me and skunk were chatting when we saw a trevally species fish whack bait fish with a huge splash just near the kelong stakes! Waliew! Scary...I est the fish at at least 4,5kg...

Soon night came and proceed to jig seklar and jig sotongs... Evening wasnt going so well and it soon rained. After the rain stopped, me and sim went out again and started jigging for seklah. Skunk kena one fat Chemak. After awhile i kena a tiny chemak.

  • Vin Tan
    Hay Bro......U went kelong again????? Wa rich liao!!!!!

    Oh ya...Malau going to plan our LG outing again....please wait for his news!!

    Nice Kelong with a nice CR :wink:
  • skunk
    icebomb" said:
    Skunk as usual caught noting special...
    neh neh lah.....show u my few but QUALITY fish

    these 2 can swallow your tiny chemak whole lor......one of them caught at 5.30am, when i was admiring the first rays of the sun....

    10 of your halfbeak also cannot fight the taste of one angoli lorz....keke

    This is the garoupa in question.....not very big, but just nice for eating....dont listen to Icebomb nonsense....with the current not favouring me, garoupa mouth open big big n hiding behind rocks/corals (i know because leader got alot of abraison marks)......i really had a hard time reeling this fella in....

    anyway enuff talk lah, Icebomb only know how to catch bad-tasting fish....kekeke
  • simcb
    kekeke  :twisted:  heres my CR

    My small icebox not enough to store the seklars so got to borrow Skunk's icebox which he use to ice his beers. Thanks Skunk!

    As a Seklar freak, I am quite happy with the catch. Wah the food damn tok gong, like hotel standard. The tea and kopi-o also very power. I survived 2 days 2 night just on kopi-o even Coke-cola cannot compare.

    Lost a huge take on my rod, well not prepared for the biggies and half hearted because I always hunting for the seklars lazy to check bait. Learn a lot from this trip in jigging for seklars
  • Icebomb
    Next time the Tambans and Keke dont throw away hor... My maid and co loves them and willing to buy 10 pcs at $5 :lol:
  • Fisherman's_friend
    Wah... simcb your seklahs not bad size yeah... fry and drink with beer best! :twisted: Hope one day can fish offshore with icebomb and simcb :) Nice CR...
  • Icebomb
    Skunk like never catch any seklah one :lol:
  • Ray Lin
    icebomb" said:
    Skunk like never catch any seklah one :lol:
    ah gong got tackle rabbit fish anot? :oops: :oops:
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