Any reviews for 2015 Twinpower??

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Hello Kakis!
I'm thinking of getting the new 2015 Twinpower C3000 for light jigging and luring. Any reviews on the new 2015 Twinpower? I heard that the year 2011 Twinpower was really a workhorse and has many reviews on it online. I can't find the 2015 Twinpower reviews online or on YouTube. Its just videos of the reel. That's why I now seek honest reviews from Fishing Kaki. Be it bad or good, just post your comment. Ooh! I heard the new 2015 Micro-module technology makes it very smooth but, can't really " tank" fishes? Is it true? I don't want to regret getting this reel as its gonna be a very expensive price to pay for my mistake :(

Please advise.

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