Weekend Story

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Hmm, here goes..

Taxi as arranged picked up Kenni at 8.30 and was at my place earlier then the said 9.00pm. Uh oh I haven't finish packing for the trip. Threw some stuff into the bags and off I went.

We arrived at Foong's place and he too was busy packing away. His god sis Yvonne was happily packing her stuff.. We all ate some pasta that looked like fusili al funghi that was cooked by Foong. Yummy.

We went to Sentosa to meet the 3 other guys. After a while, Foong and the driver figured out that they were at a place called Trebrau Market and once we reached there, we met them. Off we went to top up petrol at Petronas with the 3 guys trailing behind.

We were supposed to buy drinks at the petrol station but the store closed at 12 midnight we were there like 12.30 so sigh.. when we had a pit stop for supper we bought drinks and snacks at a 7-11 nearby.

We proceeded to the jetty and arrived at 3.15 am. Okay, pretty much to plan.. the boat was right on time at 3.30 am. Cool. Loaded up and off we went. Woke up in the morning, to find a lovely day and people were making themselves busy with catching bait fishes. Yawn... ok ok I am awake... When deemed sufficent bait fishes , boat man proceeded to the famed tenggiri spot... wah 6 boats were waiting there for us...

Captain Hizam hooked me up with a lively selar and I dropped line. mine was floating , others mid water and bottom mid... Woo hoo our boat man had a strike.. promptly slaughtered and cooked soon after.. yeah lunch is served... Assam pedas and fried tenggiri with steaming hot rice... yummy.

We didn't catch anymore that day though I had a few misses, lost fish head, lost fish tail. Les had a really nice sized grouper. We could see that the other boats bringing up tenggiri after tenggiri.. They even caught a smallish sail fish which they did not release. According to our boat man, if there are sails or marlin around, the tenggiri fishing will not be productive. Apparently billfish are a bigger gangster then tenggiri as they have bills. So it is a case of either or....

Les caught a few coral fishes ie like pig face bream groupers, bream etc... and we left the tenggiri area to go to the Aur island for showers and dinner. Upon reaching, Yvonne went swimming. we went to shower and soon we had dinner. Excellent fried rice.. not too spicy. Poor Yvonne can't take chilli so she had to pass on the fabulous fried rice ... Boatman said we would go earlier tomorrow to get bait fish and try for tenggiri earlier.

We set off for night fishing... James brought out his weapons for the night. A beautiful light purple Jigging Master custom built rod and a shimano jigger loaded with daiwa color coded braided line. Boat man caught some pig face bream all less than a kilo each. Night fishing soon turned out to be a disappointment. I gave up and decided to sleep. Kenni soon went to bed too. Stan had the most saddest and disappointed face..Kenni teased James saying forget it la no big fishes to be had. James replied he had already lowered his expectations by lossening his drag... I in turn teased James by saying he might have a fish already but it is shouting below Help! Help!... as it is too weak to pull against the drag. The whole boat erupted in laughter... Stan promptly had a few catches... all pig faced if I remembered correctly.

I was woken up in the middle of the night by my alarm screaming. James was there first , he striked to set the hook and started to fight the fish but funnily we lost the fish. My bait was a live kambong ... well it may have died whilst I was sleeping. Hmmmm. I gave up and went back to dreaming of catching THE BIG ONE.. after borrowing Les's sleeping bag..

Next thing I knew it was morning, they caught a sting ray during the night and maybe a couple of fishes. Les was complaining he was freezing cold.. Some selfish cow used his sleeping bag the whole night... Lol Thank you very much Les, without it I would have been freezing cold too. Stan informed me I missed breakfast and they did tried to wake me especially when the boatman started boiling water for coffee. He feared I would be cooked as I was sleeping above the stove. Apparently they tried everything to wake me but couldn't and plus Les nicely said I snored. Oi, I do not snore... Unless.... nevermind that. Laughingly, I told them.. just pull my line, the sound of my alarm confirmed sure wake me... Stan said I slept like the dead or he thought I was dead? Lolz..

We set off for more fresh baitfish... when Captain decided we have enough ammo we proceeded to the tenggiri area. Dang, we were late again as there were 6-8 boats already fishing. Sigh.. so much for getting there first. We could see a pair of large cobias swimming under the boat which could not be enticed by any of our baits. Kenni was running around the boat , even waving his baited hook infornt of the cobia, sadly no bites. After a couple of hours of no bites... the guys decided to go back home... We left very much earlier then we planned. We had a really decent dinner.. Strongly recommended is the pepper crab and calamari. Soon we were travelling back to Singapore. Had a smoking ice kachang pit stop and soon we were back in Singapore. Thank you Les for sending Kenni and me safely back to Singapore..

All in all.. fishing wise a lil disappointing, company great fun as we were joking almost all the way... Poor Kenni and me as we were teased the most by 3 guys... Les,.. I am not a deck cadet, never worked for NOL or ML. Ok ma? Oh and never studied at SP

For those going this weekend... Captain recommended 20-30 mono flouro leaders with size 5 long shank hooks. 50 lbs wire. I recommend a blanket for the night and sun block for the day. Yup I am pretty much chao tar.. While we didn't get any tenggiri ( not for the lack of trying on the poor Captain's part ) other boats had decent catches... Good luck to those going this weekend... may your trip be more fruitful. Thanks Foong.
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