CR: 04-11-2006

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Went on a night trip to southern part of Singapore, not much sotongs in the night but juz enough for baits, happened to land one nice-sized sotong too. Everyone onboard landed a sizable fish and the smaller ones were released. By the way, all pics were taken by my mother. Her first and last offshore fishing trip... got seasick but still managed to help us take photo for every catches. Thanks MUM!!! Enjoy the pics...

  • Sashimi
    More Pics...

  • nick
    Nice catches there the guhood has got very nice golden tinge!!! :shock:
  • man_power
    "A" class grade fishes.. well done bro..
  • rummynose2003
    Nice pictures taken!!! u r fast downloaded the pics and posted on the forum already....

    tat nite...pressure siaz!!! everyone caught someting and i still got nothing.. :?

    u eaten the garouper? nice anot?

    u never put ur 3kg threadfin salmon picture??? :shock:

    anywayz... thnks and very nice trip.. finally got the ang zho...
  • Sashimi
    the grouper tasted great... it was cooked for lunch on sunday. but i v envy u guys catching the acks. i only do the netting... so miserable... the acks put up a nice bend on ur rod. btw wat threadfin u talking bout?? hahha... u pressuring me leh... :D
  • evolutionboy
    brother care to share the boatman's contact number

    caz want go offshore but no any boatmens contact number leh
  • joeyjoey
    all very very very very very big ah. :shock:
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