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i broke the tip of my UL rod
the remaining tip diameter is 1mm

which shop stocks tiny tip guides and can help me glue it on?

  • coolzone991
    Hey, I've also had that problem, your choice is:
    1: get a new rod ( Most shops I've been to won't glue them back as the action is already gone
    2: Remove the protruded portion of the rod, and the rod will be shortened to the next guide
    3 : Applies only if you have a 2pc rod, contact the agent in singapore and ask if you can just buy the top portion. (which is what I did)
  • tanah
    didnt lose much of the rod tip action
    it broke exactly at the edge of the tip guide

    anyway, got 2 rod builders messaged me
    think i go to the one at balam rd look see look see since its just 10mins walk away

  • alien36706
    I had 2 rods with rod tip problem.

    1 a jigwrex and 1 a Zeus.
    Tried to glue it on myself using rod repair kit, brought down to 1 tackleshop but didn't solve the problem. Thing about fixing the tip yourself is that unless you can do your own binding and find an exact or almost similar tip with the same diameter, the glue will most likely not hold after a few sessions or if you have something bigger on the line the tip will start to misalign.

    Ended up I had a rod builder (Garfeeel) fix both rod tips for me and he did a fantastic job. Used both rods for a few offshore trips no problem at all. So rather spend alittle more to have it fixed by the pros.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
    Hope you can have the problem resolved soonest!
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