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Uncle Dave Boat Charter
For all Booking and Inquiries, Call Uncle Dave 9111 9000

Effective  01st June 2017  for both big boat & small boat

All booking requires a deposit of $200 to $500. You can transfer to my POSB savings account via ATM or i Banking.

Normal Rod & Reel full set for rent, include unlimited hook, sinker --- $15. per set
Rod & Reel set, Excluding hook, sinker --- $10. per set
If rod only --- Free !

1a. Small Boat = 20DX, with Mercury 60HP 4 stroke patrol outboard. Top canopy, big live-well, 8' large Garmin GPS / Chart plotter / Sonar Fish Finder, AIS .

1b. Big Boat = 30 footer center console. With flush toilet. MERCURY 150 HP Sea Pro 4 stroke outboard.  2 big live-well, 2 units 8' large GPS / Chart plotter / Sonar Fish Finder, Anchor winch, AIS

2. Charges for small boat at Ponggol Marina : live bait + ice + material

$350 for 1 pax               $360 for 2 to 3 pax             $380 for 4 pax

3. Charges for big boat at Ponggol Marina : Live bait + ice + material water.

$95 per pax.  Min 5 pax.     Max 8 pax.

4. Fishing Hours =
8 hours.

5. Special Short Day trip 4 hours :    Small boat = $280.        Big boat = $400.

6. Night fishing :  Big Boat only ( Only provide live prawns before 8pm ) Max 8 pax

$105 per pax. Min 5 pax.  Max 8 pax.

7. Small Boat rented for self-drive at $350. include one tank patrol. 7am to 4pm.

8. PPCDL --- Special Lessons for boat practical test & Refresher course for license holder on big / small boat

9. Bring light to mid fishing gear. Use size 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 hook & use size 1 to size 4 sinker.  Prepare many sinkers, single hook short Apollo type rig. Try using 30 or 40 pound " Dupont " HARD line to tie rig. It is proven cheap & good. No need to use expensive branded leader.

10. DO NOT bring Big bags, Big items, Big cooler box

Happy fishing & Good Luck to All.

Uncle Dave

  • mr.y
    New boat??? What are the damages for e new boat Uncle Dave???
  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    mr.y" said:
    New boat??? What are the damages for e new boat Uncle Dave???

    Sorry. Don know what u mean ??
  • sunzack
    Uncle dave, mr y means how u charge for ur new boat...
  • mr.y
    Yep... so now u drive around in the new boat? Baby boat no more i guess? So how much is the new charges for the new boat?
  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    edited November 2014

    LOL...Thanks SUNZECK for telling me is about the charges.....uncle Dave Old school lah, not cool.....

    As for MR. Y, thanks for for asking. Baby boat must keep as I still have many smaller groups using for fishing..and of course, I have to teach PPCDL courses in this boat.

    For the big boat charges, please see my forum under Uncle Dave Boat Charter, look under Booknig details....

    Thanks guys
  • mr.y
    Uncle dave.. u still haven't change new hp?? Its about time chief u change hp so we can contact u using whatsapp/Line etc.. gonna organise for jan and msg u. Wanna try ur new boat since now can fit more than 4 easily.. :D :D Anyway juz wanna inform u, ur tips n guidance in teaching me abt local waters can just use cheap rods n reels and the way u teached us tying the apollo rig let us catch lots of fishes even in southern water!! We even name e method Uncle dave rig.. great to be back for a few mths and see u have other boat options.
  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    edited November 2014

    Very happy to know that my fren. I have Whats App. Not so old school after all...lol. My new HP is Samsung Tap S, not bad lah.......

    Yap, u are right. The simple rig can travel the world. The trick is depending on what waters, the hook line is what length up from the sinker & the hook line is how long..& the size of the hook...

    As for the reel, cannot get too lousy once, no power to reel in. Tell u a joke, I bought 2 cheap reels long ago, each cost $26 with line. I use 2 times I threw it into the sea. Both of them.......lol....could not even have the power to reel in a ONE kg grouper........lol......

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma:
  • ikanbiggie
    Power la. Throw into sea. Are they biodegradable?
  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    oops.............. Spoke to fast. Secret revealed...I should say throw into the bin...lol......lol......

    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :smt003 :smt003 :smt003 :smt003 :smt003 :smt003 :smt003 :smt003 :smt003 :chill: :chill: :chill:
  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    Hello all kaki,

    I was away many days to India. Just came back 1st Dec 2014 .

    Do yr booking . Thank you.

    :sailing: :sailing: :sailing: :sailing: :sailing: :sailing: :sailing: :sailing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill:
  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    add the 2 because we ate it in the afternoon at the floating sea food restaurant...lol......

    :smt118 :smt118 :smt118 :smt118 :smt118 :smt080 :smt080 :smt080 :smt080 :smt080 :smt080 :smt080 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044 :smt044 :smt040 :smt040 :smt040 :smt040 :smt040 :smt040 :smt023 :smt023 :smt023 :smt023 :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill:

  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    29th Jan 2015

    Father & son team for 4.5 hours trip.

  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    Good day for all despite missed many

  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter

    12th Feb 2014

    4hours short trip with 3 males fishing . OK. missed 2 kim.

  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    16th Feb 2014

    Do check out my PPCDL courses also.

  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    Happy CNY to all kaki.

    May all have Good Health, Good Wealth, Good Heart, Good Fishing.

    U Dave.

    :wave: :wave: :harmony: :harmony: :group: :group: :singapore: :singapore: :lookma: :lookma: :lookma: :fishing: :fishing: :fishing: :sailing: :sailing: :sailing: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill: :chill:
  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    Boat rental out on Sat & Sun for the past 2 days.

    Today small boat fishing

  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    Super bad waters at Paris Ris N ponggol, Full of Plantom. Still get KBL & some grouper at Ubin N Tekong.

  • Uncle Dave Boat Charter
    edited March 2015
    red tide??? No problem.....All at Ubin area. NO kidding

    Do yr booking, No worries.

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