Hi I am new for luring

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Anyone can guide me ?
havent catch one yet
  • c3098217
    go bedok once but got nothing
  • gbu4ee
    sms me 91693899 for luring.
  • derricktxm
    you interested in first light 6.30am at bedok reservoir later in the morning?
  • c3098217
    derricktxm" said:
    you interested in first light 6.30am at bedok reservoir later in the morning?
    u mean tonite?
  • derricktxm
    hahah, yes… but currently raining so i think other day maybe?
  • c3098217
    do u know which resevoir got more fish?
  • The killer
    Go light...and keep casting...
    You will catch something...good lucks..
  • Bitez
    I first started off with spin flies. slow twitch and retrieve action. ( jigging action but just slower).
  • Hidayat86
    Hi Brothers,

    Me too new in luring..

    I tried going to Bdk Reservoir, first light and at 4 plus still no luck..

    Was thinking to try lor halus if it's good spot?
  • WaterSkater

    Bedok Reservoir has been over-fished by the PRCs and catches there are now hard to come by, as many of these PRCs pack their catches. :(

    If you are considering Lor Halus, the saltwater side is also not productive because of fishermen who lay their nets just outside the dam. As for the freshwater side, it is difficult to land your catches at the two designated fishing spots because the grounds are too high from the water level. Haven't tried fishing from the non-designated fishing locations though.
  • Jamal GT
    I know a spot near lorong halus, got many Toman. I saw Thailand guy got many fish. with rod :mrgreen:
  • Hidayat86
    Sad la.. those PRC tapao back the fish and we have no more spots for sport fishing..

    any other locations in the East?
  • pleasebitemylure
    hey guys,
    if you're new to luring, dont be suprised if you dont catch fish... its all about the way you work your bait and to a certain extent, its luck! When i first started luring, I lost 5 lures in a day and still no fish. Furthermore, fished for 8 trips straight without a single bite or fish! those trips are from 9am till 6pm ah, not 1 hour trips! So what my recommendation will be is to watch some more videos, make more friends here to fish with so that the process of learning wont be so dull. Once you get the hang of it, i'm sure you will be catching fish in no time!

    Just remember to continue learning different techniques and most importantly, have fun!

    Hope this cheers you up!
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