Looking to modify surf rod

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Looking for rod builder to modify my silstar powertip butt to slimmer butt. Right now is too big to my liking. Watsapp me at 8288 9799. Thank you.

  • kknlk
    Why not try it yourself? The foregrip and buttgrip looks to be eva/hypalon. This can be sanded down. Just go slow. Use a rasp first if you have one and then start from rough sandpaper (or just start from coarse sandpaper) and when you get to the diameter you want finish off with finer sandpaper. I would not use power tools as they are very quick and making mistakes are irreversible. You can then boast you did it yourself as well as saving heaps of money in the process. The rod is not a really expensive rod and you may find it too expensive for someone else to do it.
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