changing spinning rod butt to eva handle

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may i ask all experience rod builders if i can change a existing rod butt to eva handle?

i have a storm discovery 2-6lb BC rod and i find e butt too long of my liking. Would like to saw it down shorter and change to eva handle.

is this even possible??

TIA :)
  • kknlk
    Basically, you can do almost any change you like. Cutting down the butt is easy, just use a hacksaw but go slow as you don't want to rip the threads of the rod blank. That's why some advocate using a file to saw thru a blank. Putting eva on the rest of the butt is more difficult as normally one starts with a new blank and push it on from the tip. Using epoxy glue as a lubricant you then push until you get it to where you want. This ensures a tight fit that doesn't move when you're fishing. If you are just doing the butt which I am presuming then you don't get that really tight fit as you are approaching from the butt end and need to rely on lots of epoxy to hold it firm.

    There are lots of other materials instead of eva which you may consider as alternative. I have just completed a rod using bicycle handle tape. After securing the ends I use short bits of heat shrink tubing to ensure the ends will not come off. At the same time the whole lot is easily removed and replaced. You also have a huge variety of patterns and colors to choose from. Good luck.
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