cr 14 Oct 2006 - Ubin's three kings-barra, snapper,garoupa

Bao Tio He
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14 Oct 2006 - Saturday...

From Bad to Good - Gerald, Hansel, David, Daryl and Kuanwai came on board for some fishing fun (which almost didn't materialize).

After meeting at Gina's to get bait and food, we went to the boatel and tried to launch the boat.

Problem One

The tilt motor was not working properly. So Tsang was quickly called in and his experience showed as he solved the connection problem in minutes. Problem solved.

So we headed to Kong Island for our first spot, and just shortly after anchoring, I took out my chap chai peng and started to eat.

Problem Two

Immediately, I saw an MPA boat headed our direction from a distance, but I continued eating. Then the guy came closer, and I knew trouble was afoot. Sure enough, the MPA guy came out and checked my license and even asked about my lifejackets, and he warned me not to fish in this area because it was in the shipping channel. I was even invited on board the MPA boat to see his chart, which apparently showed that EVERY spot on this side of the channel was IN the channel, even if I was fishing from THE SHORE. (Anyway, he let me off with a stern warning... phew, no fine.) Problem solved, I'm never gonna stray into problem areas again!!! Good Job MPA!!!

Those problems turned out to be blessings in disguise, because I was forced to move to several of my old spots for the rest of the day. One of the old spots, the Cliff, was firing up.

Gerald was the first one into a nice garoupa, and we were glad the accounts were opened.


A healthy Garoupa

We caught some other stuff, then moved to Kejanmahan, where the fish were really biting! Kuanwai cast away from the boat and landed a Kejanmahan Barramundi. Then I had a heavy pull and it turned out to be TWO fish on one line. Both were quality fish. In one minute, we had a Barra, a Snapper and a Garoupa (the three Kings of Ubin).

A Happy Angler with his Wild Barra

A good double header of quality table-fare

We caught more stuff like Garoupas and other things, then decided to go for Grunter. So at the Grunter Zone, I rigged up for Grunter and was happily surprised with a hard pulling and beautiful Malabar Red Snapper.

Quality Fish like this are wonderful, nice to fight, nice to see, nice to eat

In fact, there was plenty of action as I moved around the Zone, catching FOGS(friends of Grunter) and finally the Grunter School arrived. It started when Gerald fought and pulled in a good Grunter. The fight was typical of a grunter, very hard-pulling!!! Then within 5 minutes, I fought and landed two VERY STRONG drag-pulling grunters, fat ones too!!! The fight was great. Just after I landed the first one, David was saying "Hey your rod, your rod!!!" Happy problems man!

Caught within 5 minutes of each other. Have you tangled with any of these? Strong fish man!!!!

After several more grunters and stuff, we headed back... looks like the bad day turned good in the end, and it still beats the office.

Here's some of what we caught, gave the FOGs to the tractor man's wife... she was so happy...

Caught a whole bunch of FOGs (Friends of Grunter)(see picture above)… Bamboo Sharks, Fork-tailed Catfish, Giant Catfish, River Catfish, Cuttlefish, Eel-tailed Catfish, Gelamas… gave them away.

More stories available through the link below.
  • warrior
    great catch and enjoyed reading your CR. makes me want to thrown down my files and go fishing!! :D Guess that I have to wait for the upcoming long weekend!
  • Lonely Fisher
    really envious u guys lah.......
  • Icebomb
    Nice one there dude! Agreed grunters are strong fighters! Wads good is that theyre fairly common too! Good size there!
  • Bao Tio He
    yeah man, the moment the big grunter takes the bait, you know that it's one of those. It can take drag and fight all the way up. Grunters always save the day too, and if cooked the right way, can be very nice to eat.
  • Icebomb
    Bao Tio He" said:
    yeah man, the moment the big grunter takes the bait, you know that it's one of those. It can take drag and fight all the way up. Grunters always save the day too, and if cooked the right way, can be very nice to eat.
    They definitely nice to eat 8) Steam it chinese style...Yummy...
  • aDDi
    Great catch man, most of us out on the same day had very lousy catches.
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